Pondering what lovely things to do to make this summer sizzle, just purr softly, occasional fireworks.

We start with a daytrip to Trinity/Shasta National Forest, ostensibly to pick up a Bobcat tractor to use on our Oasis Farm. Rarely is a one-day road trip so amazing; I uploaded 2 waterfall clips on YouTube and have pics to recall sweet chipmonk feeding! Forever or just till YouTube changes it’s policy? Well, they’re in my iPhoto and fb, too.
, is Middle Falls, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRX67ykOqUg is Upper Falls – with Wayne kibbutzing at the end in his endearing Jungle Guy way. Love that I caught this!

Call him Fat Cheeks after stuffing them 7 times!

Excitements: Nearly hit a full-grown deer; young Grisly Bear coming up along the roadside.
Am ready to go back – now.

Peering a week or so ahead, I’ll be exploring P-Town for in-town staycation delights. June 12th, BARN DANCE – 5th Music Extravaganza at the Old Yellow Barn next to – Auto Zone? Used to say just beyond Shamrock. Great dancing music and money goes to save our Trolley Trestle (see display in Copperfield’s window).

Both June 19 – Kids Open Mic – and Father’s Day, June 20, Family Fun Day will bring lots of families and friends inside and out back beyond Jungle Vibes and Lala’s Creamery. These events were great fun last time and expect as much with the same talent and more. Kid performers pretty much booked; maybe ONE spot left for your little Star? And we have Storyteller, James K to add to Petting Zoo, Facepainting, crafts and Hands On Snakes w. Doug Hall. Should keep kiddies busy – and they can give Dad’s a gift card made with their own hands out back w. Art Teachers Natalie Dale and Cordelia Teamore.

Farmers Markets are ripe this year Sat. 2-5p at Walnut Park and Wed. eve. in Theater District – so MUCH luscious produce grown locally – and we’re just starting ours. Much to rejoice about here – music, LOCAL organics, friends and all in the good Petaluma summer weather.
I’ll try and stop by every market.

And am fascinated to see what Aqus Network’s John Crowley will do to outshine his very popular Pub Crawl events in his new identity as ClubAqus. Check that out at It’s Time for Us to Gather, he says and I say YES!

Beats listening to the amount of crude oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico or, well you know the horror stories. If you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own, Scoop Niskar used to say – and now he’s Wes Niskar, Dharma Teacher at Spirit Rock. Good move.

So I say this: Byron Katie has great answers to tough questions about trading sadness for joy at Amazing FREE work – if only you’ll do the work.

Meanwhile, check out our still fabulous Historic Downtown, share incredible chocolate at Viva Cocolat, Petaluma Gap wines at the new-to Pet. Blvd. Vine and Barrel, and let’s meet up at ClubAqus – online and on H Street just about any night of the week, though Fridays are swamped. The music and company are that good.

More on staycations coming up. Hint: a morning spent in Water St. Bistro and a walk around the Turning Basin is memorable – or a soup and sandwich in Della Fattoria can make the whole day sweeter. And that’s just mornings.