Sunday started well. Micah, globe-trotting maker of Living Earth Structures, invited us to go to a celebration of the new Adobe Meditation Shrine, part of an Indian Meditation Center just starting up at 210 Baker Street, visits arranged through invitation of its protector, Vasanti Jayaswal.

Vasanti brought many things wonderful from the Indian culture with her for this day – the icon, the “Goddess of the Green Movement,” which now is now housed in the Shrine, high-vibration classical guitar performance by Mark Benanti and Sacred Circle Candlelight Dance among them. She believes her mission with the icon will be completed with a visit to the shrines of Demeter and Ceres in Greece and Italy, deities connected in spirit to Petaluma’s new icon in the shrine. The Feminine Principle?

The shrine’s builder, Micah, Miguel Elliott to newcomers, built a “Lovin Oven” for us on our land and we’re discussing a progressive adobe structure visitation as part of 10/10/10 events connected with Bill McKibben’s, the group that puts noxious greenhouse gases in our face so we’ll do something about it. (350part per million is what we can stand; 392 is where we’re at; i.e. we’re poisoning the planet.) Ouch. See YouTube for video of creation of the Lovin Oven and flickr, mudstrawcity for other examples of the art of the oven (and hot tub and etc!)

This event was healing. Lovely traditionally dressed Indian children squirming a bit while Mayor Pam welcomed the room in sari and garland of carnations, performance of Mark Benanti, a master guitarist who treated us to Spanish, Eastern European and even a Bach piece for guitar that were transporting (as I believe classical guitar is meant to be!) Now I know more about Mertz’ intricate guitar composition reminiscent of Chopin and Schubert.

Smt. Vasanti Jayaswal, invited, through friends, about 60 of people who would appreciate the ceremonies initiating use of a new Adobe Meditation Shrine housing Goddess, Shah-kaam-baree “the cloud that rains the greens,” an icon brought from India by Smt. Vasanti. Shaakaambaree is found in Indian scripture (sanscrit?) as the Devi Bhaagavatam. It is here that we come across the true form of Durga, a form that conquers the perverted and powerful ruler Dugamaasura, according to the brochure. I know not but wonder and will learn.

Here, in the privacy of Her Presence, (the brochure goes on ) you can seek refuse in the comfort , bask in the love, meditate in the Peace, get charged with the energy that only the Feminine Divine Principle can provide.
There is a shrine access list and Vasnti will answer questions sent to her at

According to the effervescent Vasanti, this is an auspicious time and for the Goddess to move to Petaluma and the great benefits of having The Mother in one’s abode have recently been felt by Petaluma friend, Robert Caruso, as he housed the icon in his garage before the shrine was complete. I’d like to try that. Had a long dream once about a powerful Buddha icon residing in my garage who taught me that power is not evil, it is just power.

Occurs to me after this Very Auspicious Beginning of the Indian Meditation Center that there has never been a more appropriate time to clean up our act and our planet. Am hoping you will check in at for further instructions from a leader. Or become your own leader. That, too.

Vasanti is handing out bumper stickers, maybe for sale soon? “Sonoma County California. The Sonoma Smile.” Sweet sunshine with her copyright. Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantihi (Peace) be with you.