When asked how Petaluma’s Daily Acts will respond to Bill McKibben’s call for action 101010 to combat climate crisis (buildup of greenhouse gases (GHG) which changed our planet to Eaarth, title of his new book, says McKibben), Trathen Heckman, visionary from Daily Acts, wrote in email this am; “Holy smokes. There are rocking things going on all over the county. Though we are going to be sheet-mulching the police and fire stations (in Petaluma) from 9-1 which will be pretty darn cool. To RSVP call Daily Acts 789-9664 or erin@dailyacts.org. Join us! xotra

In Santa Rosa, our friend Evelina Molina and her gang (she has followers including people who listen to her KPFA FM Flashpoints), offers this:
Check out the short videos posted on our blog from SF Sunday Streets (Great Hwy) it will give you a feel for what is possible. http://srcarfreestreetssunday.blogspot.com/ Here’s from her fb page:

If you don’t have the hottest ticket in town for discounts your very own “UNDRIVERS LICENSE” you can get yours tonight at our pre-CAReFREE Sunday Street Scene meet-up at the Grand La Fonda Hand-Built Bicycle Show http://granlafonda.com/ tonight 5-10pm FREE BEER…woo hoo!!! make sure to RSVP : ) http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=132173386831562 (the UNDRIVERS LICENSE is adorable!) Looks like Veronica Jacobi knows this is a hot item – her pic is featured on the UNDRIVERS LICENSE – adorable.

So you can easily do THOSE events, and/or investigate further. 101010 work parties, intended to put some muscle into our shared desire (you DO want the planet to survive?) to sustain life as something like we know it, are happening this Sunday in at least 180 countries. In Sonoma Cty? Sebastopol, Sonoma, Healdsburg, Graton, Dillon Beach, Santa Rosa has a whole slew. See map at

I love Bill McKibben’s Invitation to 101010 work parties at which he begins: Dear World…incredible photos embedded. Or check, too, the flickr gallery at Incredible stuff from continent? Believe so. See you at the Petaluma fire station on D St. 9a-1p?