Sunday was quietly great. Some sunshine flitting in and around Water Street Bistro and the Turning Basin, going out under it. Met a friend at Water St., was a B-Day going on so champagne flutes and little cakes all around! Engaging conversation at every table far as I could see and hear. Adorable babies who were not around last year at this time. Precious – and noticed what good kids these are. Sharing apple slices, giving back as well as taking temporary gifts (a shiny scarf from a pretty young thing posed with, walked with, given back).

Then walking the Turning Basin. Always a joy, we went down the Yacht Club ramp, up the other end, noting what boats are present. Few now but they fill up at holidays including some our little city creates. Miss the great egret who used to show up for fish heads, but then there are few fishermen these days. Too much pollution? Bet that will clear up with hard work from the Water Ways people – another feel good story.

Stretching legs around the Turning Basin works best when you make stops and extensions. This day, Rivertown Feed, to buy little wooden eggs so our Rhode Island Red chickens won’t scold me when I take the last egg from their straw nests in the barn. See attached. From first minutes eggs introduced, a coupla hens nested, cooing atop the fakes, oblivious to my filching their golden yolk eggs, the rich cholesterol high ones I still eat, irregardless of high blood pressure. (This, too, will probably need adjustment).

End of a Rivertown visit is always for me checking out the creatures for sale and permanent residents. Koi fish peacefully floating around in their tanks outdoors, a few fluffy bunnies, now no baby chicks, sometimes mallard ducks, turkeys, wide variety of chickens. Then the pet birds, the loud small parrots, cockateels (very sweet), and the purple headed guy who plucks his own feathers out (noticed some doting friend gave him a little cloth cave he can nest in.) Especially engaged with the pair of orange lovebirds, photos attached. Silly how they crowd each other again the ends of the cage, cuddling postly, sometimes arguing, then back to cuddling. Sometimes upside down.

Noticed the great canoe/kayak? resting on the planter at the entrance to the Petaluma River Heritage Center on McNear Peninsula. Looking forward to a beavy of tiny pink roses in a couple months on the tall, healthy and long row of Cecil Brunner roses. Smell like pepper and dry as perfect buds that smell good for a year. Also look forward to launching our two kayaks off the new dock there, built with help from local teens who built the stairs to the dock.

Then off to the ongoing poetry appreciation event, Nancy Long and Geri DiGiorno’s People, Places and Poetry at the Apple Box…more on that.

Lovebirds at Rivertown Feed, sweet and sociable

Lovebirds at Rivertown Feed - funny and brightOur girls already love nesting on wooden eggsExpect she's telling me it's OK; she'll try out the wooden eggs.