Tugged at Wayne till he came walking w. me. Perfect Ellis Creek afternoon! A bit of wind, lots of sun with dark clouds on the periphery. Most trails are 2.4miles long, so your back and joints (if they’re like mine!) let go of tightness from sitting somewhere near the walk’s end.

Can’t think of a more amazing walk than our Ellis Creek near the water treatment center during May. Not quite sure when the White Pelicans come (didn’t see any), but swans and their baby cygnets are always around (though last year many more than this!); Canada Geese show off flocks of goslings, often 5 or 6. Snowy and Great Egrets. Swallows (were those Violet-green swallows? Not like those next to Dempsey’s) soaring, diving in a trance-dance above 10′ tall reeds. Caught what I could with the camera.

Highlight this trip was the protective male Swan scolding and posturing, walking towards a pair of Canada Geese until the Geese left the area where the female Swan floated with her Cygnets.

Pretty great all this was planned and built up during Mayor Glass’s tenure on City Council, Planning Commission and as previous Mayor.
We do have lots of talent in our city government and should acknowledge the good works along with the usual complaints.

This weekend in P-Town: American Graffitti/Cruzin the Boulevard, comes with over 30,000 people to the streets of downtown and all around the town in caravans. All to remind us we are a lively and friendly and pretty happy small city, Gateway to Wine Country, a city that built a waste water treatment center – and with care double purposed it as an important bird preserve; peaceful place to hike.

Great Egret behind mustard

Tall thistle flower in front of lower Ellis Creek pond

Afternoon sky through tall reeds at Ellis Creek