A few media buddies- now California North Coast Media at took it upon ourselves to interview ALL the candidates for the new District 2 Congressional seat open in 2012 as our home woman, Lynn Woolsey, retires following her 20 hard working anti-war, pro-people years for us in D.C. We’ll have all 7 (am just now told their are 8!) candidates in studio at Pixel Corps, 140 Keller St., Petaluma, Wed. Oct 5th – TONIGHT at 6pm…and the show will air on PCA , Channel 27, (delayed) and other public access stations as well as on Watch Sonoma! KRCB, KALW and a few stations in Humboldt and Mendocino… stations are checking in each day – and it’s going to be a YouTube around midnight.

Wow! Just got a call from Andy Caffrey from Garberville who said he doesn’t know WHY he wasn’t invited! We hadn’t heard – but now YOU do. His site is

So – anyone who wants to see these fabulous seven (will be eight soon!) – quite a spread from Republican, Daniel Roberts, our Marinites, Susan Adams, Stacey Lawson, Norman Solomon and Jared Huffman, to our Mendocino Dr. Courtney – and we’ve designed solid, sometimes a bit provocative questions to be followed by YOUR questions from our studio and online starting around 7:30 tonight after Jason Davies and I give our series of queries some air (90 minutes of us asking before YOU do). We’re very excited to do this – to offer a big and ongoing audience to these very hard working public servants – and to help bring together a network of media who can link to cover debates when the primaries reveal who will run against whom. Whew! Back to media calls – and what am I wearing? Makeup by our dear friend, Pamela Joyce of TruTone Skin Care and lead singer of D’BunchOvUs. Should be quite a treat – great conversation shared with good people one of whom will come to represent us in D.C. possibly for many years to come!

We’re very glad to have a chance to help engage YOU in the process. Thanks for being part of our Living Democracy (term coined by Frances Moore Lappe’). And at the end, I’ll say as did the famed TV journalist, Edward R. Murrow: “Good Night and Good Luck”.