Amazed that Bioneers is here again Fri. 10/14 – Sun. 10/16 – and am packing a small backpack to carry around there. This year’s conference: “From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Transforming Civilization in the Age of Nature” – and it’s becoming painfully obvious why we need this sense of direction – and multiple instructions from nature.

“Bioneers is inspiring a shift to live on Earth in ways that honor the web of life, each other and future generations,” say founders, Nina Simons and Kenny Ausebel, now celebrating 22 years of gathering visionaries together under the gracious Frank Lloyd Wright design which is the Marin Center.

Take a look at page 4 of the program at to find the inspirational speakers of your choice. For me, that will be Amory Lovins, his talk “Reinventing Fire,” Sat., Gloria Steinem, “When Women are People,” Fri., and Pam Ramjat “Voices for Peace and Sustainability, First Women’s Parliament of India,” Sun. and of course, a host of others.

Also dearly love to SHOP at Bioneers. Books you’ll never find – but which are truly a find for people who care about the health of our world, clothing both delightful and practical – and magical, mystical, beautiful music, again, much of which you will never encounter elsewhere. So what’s keeping you? Go to and buy a ticket or 3. It’s worth more than you can pay to be part of this.

My life has been changed by these conferences – I am more hopeful and focused through the forums offered and the links I’ve made with my partner, Wayne Morgenthaler, helping boost the creation, still underway, of our Oasis Community Farm just outside Petaluma. We are in solid agreement with Bill McKibben and his since hearing him at Bioneers.

Our first gathering at Oasis was 50 people creating an outdoor/adobe oven and a salsa garden as part of a worldwide 350 Garden Challenge. Our Lovin’ Oven, now also a YouTube, will last for many, many years between our new barn and house, just now receiving its roof.

How else did Bioneers touch us, me? Was the last place I met up unexpectedly with my beloved mentor, Henry Dakin, a supporter of Bioneers from day one, and my long-time collaborator in projects including UN50 and UN60 celebrations in SF, a concert of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony on 5 continents (it is said Beethoven called for this symphony to be played simultaneously throughout the world) – so we Did it because we Could do it – much like so much of what Bioneers has fostered.

This year – TOMORROW? Wow – so much is always offered. Check out (15 PAGES of social and scientific innovators!) and Register, please, for a joyful, and sometimes tear-stained – experience that will change how you live in the direction you already want to go.