So went walking over to David Yearsley River Heritage Center Sunday to see if people were actually rowing around in kayaks, row boats, on ride-aboards whatever those are actually called.

Seemed several people had already ridden, including some wearing Santa hats! Several dear friends and a few new ones. Oliver, the mostly-Siamese cat in harness (what a sweetie! He started purring nearly as soon as I touched him). A small fire in the pit with camp chairs around it. Quite wonderful views of the River, a Great Blue Heron, a couple of Snowy Egrets paddling around. Makes me happy!

And food! Everybody seemed to think it was a holiday party.
Quiche! Pumpkin pie! Berry crisp. Champagne. I put some money in the strange log that beeps at you when you add money.

So great visiting; didn’t climb upon a boat this time (excuse is I was COLD)…but very sweet place to hang and will do it again and again.

It’s not just the views, it’s the company. Great conversations with people who appreciate the McNear Peninsula.

Each time I come, I remember reading poems about the River on the small stage, singing with various guitarists various songs, mostly classified folk. Warmth, humor and grace.

David Yearsley must feel a sense of satisfaction with all of this – and am expecting it has a strong beginning and will continue to blossom along with the new trees put in by Eve with help from Sue. Thank you Friends of … and here are some photos to whet your whistle.

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