John Crowley, Grayson James and friends and their new entity, Aqus Community, did what they came to do last Sat. – they brought hundreds of curious and hungry people together from local small businesses, non-profits, families and folks on dates. One would expect many new memberships and much fun down the road!

Launch venues: started up at the also-new Lydia’s Organics/Sunflower Cafe in Redwood Business Park (used to be Cisco Systems cafeteria) and an after-party for many many warm dancers and imbibers at Redwood Cafe, on the main block of downtown Cotati, where “Billy Jean, She’s My Girl,” got the bodies on the dance floor in high form and the crowd generally very upbeat! I enjoyed the Port in a tiny glass.

Lydia’s food is new to many – raw and organic or sometimes cooked, I say the food is TASTY and makes one feel just spendid. Like you ate something VERY good for you! And you did. I’ll be back soon I know. Especially for the chocolates, crepes, and I did love the Superburger with watercress. Raw chocolate is extremely pleasant and enjoyed picking out a half dozen and offering bites all around the big table in the Kids Corner they set up for us complete w. red velvety table cover and a crystal vase of gorgeous buds. Will have to take a slow, close look at the jewelry and photography on sale, too.

Whole Lydia’s portion of the launch was just great fun. Packed. Everywhere I walked, friends both close and just recently met. Caught up on a few wild stories (private) and shared this with nephew, Casey: “I think they make pens with all the colors of the alphabet….Oh, I meant rainbow!” To which I replied alphabet is much more interesting. What color do you think A is? And then something about the typewriter I “invented” which you could carry around, but when you needed to write, you’d put a piece of paper under the metal object and move it around for each letter. Duh! A complete waste of time! But I invented it. Casey will invent something that actually works someday I’d bet.

So lots of hugs and how do you do and then it dawned on me that not only was the Tango portion of entertainment over, but our granddaughter, Rose, was a performer in the demonstration of Capoeira Azania, a Brazilian martial art “with an incredible history. Created by Africian slaves fighting for their freedom and seeking to preserve their culture and spirits, they masked their dangerous art form from their Portuguese slave owners in dance moves and the rhythm of drums…a mix of dance, acrobatics, theatre, music and effective fighting techniques.” (from their site)

Rose did a great job – and she’s only 9! Was warmed by the fact her parents, Day and Rebekah Waterbury, have just now launched a dance studio, Dance Underground, in the warehouse we used to call home at 215 Water Street along the River. Here’s the listing I found for Dance Underground/Capoeira:
Capoeira Fitness Martial Arts Culture Class Schedule
Dance Underground
215 Water Street
Kids: Tues/Thurs: 4:30-6pm
Adults: Tues/Thurs: 7-8:30
Contact Mary: (415)314-7622
So pleased to see this happening as, am sure, are those who take the class. Exercise with grace and soul.

Wondering what comes next for Aqus Community and us. I’ll fill out the Aqus Community form at and consider creating an Oasis Farm event or so in collaboration with these friendly people people.

Great start, guys and gals of Aqus Community. And many of you are fine dancers and drummers.