Way to get happy! Like SteamPunk? Want to know what on earth that is? Petaluma-the-Musical is Hilarious and Colorful and Inventive and with us just this next weekend – last 3 chances to share the fun. Watch a bit at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QX-z-TEvry

According to producer, Colette McMullen, “It’s going great and the community support is fabulous. We really did it…the whole thing came about because of the unique environment Petaluma has…the whole process is different than any other theater I know of. We start with an outline of a script and everyone comes up with ideas. Armand Ramirez is new at acting, a musician, he’s helped drive his own part. Most have co-created their own parts. We announce we are doing it – and people discover their talents.”

Watching the “trailer,” I spot a half dozen actors and musicians we know – and more who I bet we will get to know! That sort of truly hometown experience to be savored and remembered. And inexpensive at $15 per. Go to http://ptm.eventbrite.com for tickets – going fast!

Last dates: Fri/Sat/Sun May 18/19/20 at Petaluma Women’s Club, 518 B Street, easy walking from anywhere downtown. More info. at www.PetalumatheMusical.com or email the producer, Colette@satoristudioz.com

Hope to see you there.