What a great day was yesterday! (And today/tonight will be – see “http://goldengatebridge75.org/celebrate/golden-gate-festival.html” Golden Gate Bridge is 75 years young and shooting off fireworks at 9:30pm TONIGHT.

My son, sis, daughter-in-law and her younger bro walked from GoLo’s Cafe on Lombard (loved the veggie potatoes and pastries, a tiny spot w. sweet patio), to the Sausalito Ferry! (Well, OK, we took the 28 bus from Ft. Mason to GG Bridge). My legs thank me today. All is well including my circulation. http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.visitingdc.com/images/golden-gate-bridge-picture.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.visitingdc.com/san-francisco/golden-gate-bridge-picture.asp&h=493&w=625&sz=142&tbnid=lcypSEACGpdnEM:&tbnh=93&tbnw=118&zoom=1&usg=__oRRiFhYH_u206G9kSgRhwxtYxq4=&docid=A1AKpk7yhnbAcM&sa=X&ei=c3nCT4C1GYGSiAKLsLGHDA&ved=0CJMBEPUBMAg&dur=2696″

Thankfully, we missed the huge crowds today/tomorrow for the official 75th Anniversary Celebrations – fireworks at 9:30pm! and just had a normal breezy GG Bridge day with stop by the gift shop, where I HAD TO buy the print of the vintage painting of GG Bridge from above as a reminder of a flyover for Jon’s 13th B-Day when he wanted to be a pilot. And that feeling that something, I knew not what, somethings wonderful would happen when I moved to SF (and they did!)

So the Bridge was about as gorgeous and dream-inspiring as ever. Angel Island, where I felt I spotted Angels lifting up when we flew over years ago, Alcatraz where I felt the presence of angry ghosts. Well, was raised on LOTS AND LOTS of fairy tales, but that is a good thing in my book, (my novel only partially completed).

A quietly thrilling, cold, windy day was Sat. I shall recall for years. Beautiful Asian girl w. ponytail and black tight yoga clothes caught up by guys from 3 police cars and two police bicycles. Was she attempting to jump? Seemed distraught that they were stopping her from – something. Who else did we note? Seemingly endless Indian extraction families, lovely little kid faces made me miss all we visited with in Jungle Vibes.

Extreme green of the water through sunglasses, the humongous ships carrying freight, equipment, the fire boat showering a whole swath of the Bay with its spray, the wonderful rock wall landscaping Sausalito has maintained along the way downhill on that gorgeous road to their seaside village.

In Sausalito, another sweetness. Cockatoo, 17 years young, trained to eat seeds from your lips, climb onto your shoulder, she was so very calm and we were smitten, took loads of photos and dropped bills in a hat.

Ferry was more cold but of course wonderfully fresh. In SF, landing at Fisherman’s Wharf, we stopped by Rodney Lough, Jr. Wilderness Collection of incredible photos. I mean have I EVER seen such impressive nature photos? And he tells you next to the photos HOW he took them. Wow.

So enjoy the fireworks if you get the chance, walk the Bridge – and you can make it to Sausalito! And the gift shop is great, really.