Great Blue Heron at Shollenberger

So buy your tickets here:

Shollenberger Shindig was old home week for us last time round, so we’re on for this redux, us plus Wayne’s Mom – TUES. JUNE 12, 6pm at Lagunitas Beer Gardens on North McDowell. Kids of All Ages Welcome! Delightful music, great brews and wichs – and friends who stand together to Save our most popular Shollenberger Park (which I call a bird preserve), hosting an amazing array of local, regional, international populations of White Pelicans, Swans, Avocets, Canada Geese, Coots, Mallards, Redwinged Blackbirds. Anybody here you haven’t seen in awhile? They’re nesting now or parading around with the babes. So very sweet each Spring.

So – Get Yer tickets here to Lagunitas Beer Garden, next Tues.

As you may know, Dutra Asphalt tells us their proposed plant “won’t pollute” – but we’ve seen different and how on earth can you make that claim while adding 145,000 diesel truck trips to Petaluma Blvd. South?
The fumes and plumes WILL reach the new residential housing – and the precious migratory birds who depend on Shollenberger to land, to eat, to nest. We’re gonna kill a lot of those off if we let this happen – and how many new cases of asthma will we see in small children living nearby?

Just a sham. Save Shollenberger for those who appreciate it – you, me, Petaluma, the whole region, the whole of Point Reyes Bird Observatory, and anyone with sense.

As you also may know, there are two other operating asphalt plants in Sonoma County – last I heard they were operating at 25% of capacity! Dutra, we don’t even NEED you.

Sigh. So getting beyond the yuck, we can party hardy and be glad. Buy a ticket or 5 – come, say hi to all the good people who support our most popular hiking park and bird preserve, Shollenberger Park.

Expect great music, wonderful friends all over the place and a good feeling in the pit of your stomach as you remember you’re boosting our most popular hiking trail, the naturescape that is Shollenberger Park and adjoining Ellis Creek, home about now to dozens of baby goslings, cygnets, their momma and poppa Canada Geese and Swans, soon to be followed by the annual extended visit of White Pelicans. Heavenly surely.

Love singing back to the Redwinged Blackbirds till we’re in synch. They don’t fly away if you hit their note.

Buy tickets at Mail Depot downtown or online through the Facebook page or at Friends of Shollenberger Park site. Excellent! Dancing welcomed front and center – and bring a dog or child should you wish.

(email from Joan Cooper of Save Shollenberger)
Dear All,

Talking about theorizing, yes we do that; and being apathetic , none of us are that! What about partying? Are you going to party for the park at The Shollenberger Shindig on June 12, 2012? How much have you contributed to support the stop Dutra effort: time, money, signature on petitions?
This is one small issue that this community can actually do something about – we can take it to the courts, and fight it till Dutra says; “Uncle.”

But that means everyone has to do their little part – buy a ticket or two and support the Shindig, that will pay for the legal fees, and show Dutra they chose the wrong community to stick it to!
Have you bought your tickets yet? Now I know some of you will be out of town, BUT you can still buy a few tickets, give them away or put them in the underwear drawer, it doesn’t matter. The point us we need your financial support to save our park.
Buy Your tickets at: or The Mail Depot
Only 9 days until Shindig time!
Joan Cooper