And why should he? He retired, then rethought that – had stuff still to do. Like lots of us “semi-retired” folks. Bill Moyers is perhaps our only TV philosopher/essayist/interviewer with complete (far as I can tell) integrity. When he speaks, I believe him. He does his due diligence and is very grounded.

So Sat., 2pm, if you listen to NPR/KQED FM, you’ll hear Vandana Shiva talk about GMOs, real food, how to, in our personal lives, stand for health and against Monsanto and GMOs.
Check the “trailer” href=””

Glad to say Vandana Shiva is a keynote speaker at the upcoming Heirloom Festival in Santa Rosa Fairgrounds September 10-11. Our own Petaluma Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds presents href=””>
Our own Petaluma Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds presents The National Heirloom Expo- The World’s Pure Food Fair Sept. 11th-13th

For a strong Moyers’ statement on free speech as it stands here and now, take a look at this:

The new Moyers and Company airs each Sat., 2pm, NPR. Excellent, timely topics just as he always did. The stuff that makes our culture rich and hope possible. Heard him at Masonic Auditorium once and slid a packet to engage him in a project. Didn’t work, but would have loved working with him.

Moyers one of those rare people who can point a finger at what is wrong without being either nasty or crazed. Just balanced and strong in mind and heart. Enough hearts and flowers. Check out Moyers and Company again and again.