Genetic Roulette, a film by Jeffrey Smith, Institute for Responsible Technology, is FREE today, tomorrow, going away Sat. It’s a MUST SEE if you’d like to live a healthy life. WAY too much has gotten past us. Spider DNA inserted in goats to create bullet proof vests? BT (GMO) was introduced in corn – and now there is an upswing in gastrointestinal diseases.

Let’s don’t put the wrong food in our bodies – the prospect of leaky intestines is disgusting and likely! YUCK! May be happening now due to GMOs in our cereal, cookies, chips, SOOO many foods we seek for comfort. It will be hard work scanning all the labels – so we NEED GMO labeling to protect us.

Genetic engineering (Monsanto) produces GMOs which act as toxins, creating inflammation which in turn causes allergies, thyroid disease, Alzheimers, many more. This has gotta stop!

Please watch this! 971,000 people signed a petition to get GMO labeling on our ballot and there’s a LOT of money out there to prevent this (Proposition 37) to fail.

GMOs/Monsanto is BIG business. All baby formulas are made with GMO soy…or from cows injected with GMOs. Similac, Gerber, Emfamil, Walmart Soy 62% GMO. Ouch! That hurts. How did this happen? We didn’t say NO while Monsanto picked up power and money, lots and lots of both!

We’ve been lied to about the need for GMOs – this is NOT the wave of the future, rather it is a disaster in our face. GMOs are supposed to increase yeilds – they do not. GMOs are supposed to increase farmer profit. That’s not true in independent studies – all conclude GMO technology is close to a wash. Over time, there is a greater need for pesticides on GMO crops. Roundup is everywhere – in our blood.

93% of pregnant women in a Canadan report had BP toxin in their bodies – Jeffrey Smith thinks BT toxin is produced within our bodies continuously after eating GMO foods. The chemicals that cause insects that eat GMO corn to have their stomachs explode – it is suspected that these same chemicals create small holes in OUR guts – so our bodies create anti-bodies to counter the presence of undigested food in the blood stream…

We’ve had a huge lie perpetuated on us by a multi-national corporation. “Just because science CAN do something doesn’t mean it SHOULD do something,” says Dennis Kucinich.

Watch and you’ll change your diet; watch and you’ll want to stop GMOs from entering our food stream. There IS something you can do. VOTE for Proposition 37 on the Nov. ballot to get GMO labeling of the foods we depend on.

Lucky for us, getting rid of GMOs in our diet may have a great positive affect. Trouble is, we can’t know where the GMOs are – until we get labeling. But there is a powerful lobby that wants to defeat this proposition; don’t let them!

Rats given Roundup treated foods had less babies, smaller babies, and in the 3rd generation, often none. Fertility declining in livestock – and humans. May be good in a rotten way – but don’t we want to KNOW our food is healthy?

Guess it’s more time in Whole Paycheck (Whole Foods) – there are good things and pricey things there, but some you just need. I get nettles to reduce allergy symptoms and inflammation, possibly caused by GMOs? Of the grocery stores, only Whole Foods sells nettle capsules.

Be informed. Don’t miss this excellent – and scary! – film.

Jeffrey Smith was a keynote speaker at the Heirloom Exposition last week, thank you very much, Baker Creek Seeds and other Expo sponsors. Support your Local Seed Bank…and let’s save, share seeds and natural wonderful foods we can grow here, GMO free! Planting our Winter Garden now…