The largest ever Pure Food Expo (2nd Annual International Heirloom Exposition) is happening TODAY, TOMORROW, THE DAY AFTER, Sept. 11-13, 11am-9pm, at Sonoma County Fairgrounds. $10 goes to school gardens unless you’re under 17 and free!

Love what author/eco-activist, Vandana Shiva says of this: “We’re defending our future.” Yes! If just a few huge companies supply our food, they do so by creating hybrid crops whose seeds are sterile (Monsanto) and punishing those who “accidentely” acquire their seeds. Canadian, Percy Schmeizer is a speaker. He faced off with Monsanto when they sued him for “possessing” their seeds after the WIND blew them into his fields. What? Crazy-making!

Most looking forward to hearing author and filmmaker, Jeffrey Smith, Institute for Responsible Technology, Wed. at 7pm as he discusses “Seeds of Deception: What People are Saying About Genetic Roulette.” Idea makes me shiver as well it should!

Definitely want to hear Carlo Petreni, founder, Slow Food Movement in Italy, “One of those rare individuals, a successful revolutionary” speak TONIGHT at 7pm. Hear there’s a Slow Food brunch coming up, so have to research that.

Expect 20,000 people exploring the vibrant world of Pure Food, Heirloom Vegetables, Local Farming. People sampling wares, making connections and gleaning ideas for their own homesteads from who knows how many hopeful new and established Sonoma County small farmers (and some bigger ones) and, well, just enjoying the glory of all that is heirloom. Mostly Vegetables. Philosophy of the Expo is much like that of Michael Pollen: “Eat Real Food, Mostly Vegetables, and Not Too Much”. OK; we’re working on that from Oasis Community Farm. MANY dietary changes. Like I must make a quiche or two today and also plum tarts and galettes. To use the fruit; to get ready for a family birthday luncheon. LOTS OF WORK using fresh – but the results include my being way healthier than when we lived in the CAVE, warehouse space with heavy doses of Deisel soot coming in under the door. Previous, also fascinating, life.

Pure Food, Slow Food, Heirloom Vegetables, GMO Labeling (PLEASE vote in November for Proposition 37, Genetically Modified Food labeling so we know what’s in our food!) It’s a movement, a happy, healthy global viewpoint that provides unending experiences of community connections through farmers markets, community supported agriculture (CSAs) and more… Expect well over 600 children at Kids Day Wednesday. Huge fun!

It’s a movement advocating for pure food, standing against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in our foods. No, you DON’T want those in your body. We don’t know what they will do! So glad 971,000 people (supported by Expo Founders, Baker Creek Seeds among others) felt strongly enough to sign a petition so we can vote for GMO labeling in November.

The Heirloom Expo has gardnered some great press and radio spots. Heard about it on KOWS FM in Occidental (which I turn on frequently) and caught the spread in the Press Democrat Food and Wine section (front page on Sunday). Here are some sources for you: