So you probably heard one in three women in the world (about one in five in California) is raped or attacked during her lifetime. Horrible, yes? Yet preventable if we set our minds to it – and change laws around the globe. Ex: at least in this country, littering is a faux pas, not done, considered a messy, low-life and illegal activity. Cigarettes are seen as they really are: cancer sticks. Not that it couldn’t be fun to toss a bag of chips out the window to see where they land or smoke up a storm – but there are consequences – and there must be consequences for rape and violence toward women. Past time!

As one of those violated, I’ll say with conviction – you never get over it. You never entirely trust that a man or men will never harm you, will never turn into the sort of monster who wants to conquer and possibly kill – you. The act of rape, the act of attack, these are to say YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS; SOMEONE ELSE CONTROLS YOUR LIFE who could KILL YOU IF (HE) WANTS TO. How do you get over that? About as well as returning vets get over PTSD. Not well at all. And there are FAR TOO many of us and more every hour.

From now through Valentine’s Day, you can DANCE to Breaking the Chains! wherever there’s s Flash Mop – great fun! Check for local events at Blog on One Billion Rising, s

From Val Richman’s FB: Look for more flash mobs around town through Feb 14 – and JOIN US on Valentines Day – V-DAY – One Billion Rising Day!!! Come to the Petaluma Community Center on North McDowell for dance lessons, art projects, videos, monologues, drums, and a dance party with yours truly DJVal from 6:30-8:45pm. $12, benefits Guided To Safety.

Check out the action – Break the Chain of Violence Against Women and Girls .

Break the Chain of Violence Against Women and Girls. YOU can help change this global tragedy.

I got to have fun with this – was part of a dance troupe and conversation with Shepherd Bliss’s Communications class at Dominican University last week. Students joined us, asked good questions, danced and talked about violence towards women. Dominican University will hold One Billion Rising events starting at noon Valentine’s Day as well. Good reaching the next generation or so…