Dr. Hameed and Erin Axelrod, 350 Garden Challenge at Petaluma Health Center

So just stopped by Daily Acts transformation of the lawn at our Petaluma Health Center – to be greeted by my and Wayne’s Doc – Fasih Hameed, credited for updating the Center, making it more user-friendly. Fun!

With him, Trathen Heckman, founder, Daily Acts, and Erin Axelrod, one of those who keeps it all running. Their work for the day? Composting the entire left side of the center so it becomes a veggie garden. Lovely.
Water savings: 250,000 gallons! You Go Daily Acts, PHC and 350 Garden Challenge. Thought to send through a happy RIGHT NOW story today.

350 Garden Challenge boosts building of urban gardens throughout Sonoma County – and way further. We started our Oasis Farm with 3 years of Garden Challenges – more next time. THANKS TO ALL…