So I’m stoked – love the Berkeley in the Sixties film done by Mark Kitchell, and now his A Fierce Green Fire: The Battle for a Living Planet is coming to Sunflower Center this Sun., 3pm, co-hosted by 7 groups with similar interests – being healthy on a healthy planet. What do We Grow, Sell, Share, Buy are key questions. We’re defining ourselves less as consumers, more as health seekers, planetary health, local, global, you , me, us.
It’s a suggested donation $10-15 event, meaning they still need to raise funds to cover, somehow, the eleven years Kitchell spent making this film, but no one turned away. Kitchell brought a “draft” of the film to Lydia’s Sunflower Cafe about a year ago to for critique! That felt good – something to dig into.

Trailer at

So this is why I’m stoked. Here you have Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, Ashley Judd, Van Jones and Isabelle Allende lending their support and voices as narrators and you see “nothing less than the entire history of the environmental movement” – LA Times. And with a boost to morale and action at the end.

Glad to share this with people who want to make a difference – our fairly new Petaluma Grange, Daily Acts, Petaluma Film Series, Aqus Community, Save Shollenberger Park, Progressive Democrats and Sunflower Cafe.

People are invited to come for conversation at 3pm, then the film at 4. Prior to film will be Lydia’s Organics food samples, music by our own Larry Potts “Larry Potts is a classic storyteller and vagabond humorist singer whose songs strike deep and clean to the heart of the matter-he is a bright light, fully capable of ssetting your couch on fire!” –Frank Hayhurst, “Face the Music” KRSH 95.9 Santa Rosa, Ca.

Personally, I go for the yoga sky chair – sit in it is like sitting in a rocking chair/hammocky sort of ride. Sweet when you add the video screens behind you with their lovely wild animals, icons natural beauty captured.

A chance to unwind even while getting revved up to take on a challenge – to help reverse climate crisis.