Have been feeling I personally need to hold up the sky – it’s getting red at night, could have pollution from China (700ppm carbon pollution is TWICE sustainable level!) and Japan (Fukishima radiation is horris and likely making Pacific fishing dangerous).

A guy I listen to, Bill McKibben (who will be at Summer Heat rally) says climate crisis is the most important issue of our lives. Feels true.

So I must go to this march Sat. but know it is usually a small percentage who shows up for a march or even agree its important. We all have our various roles to play – but then there were those “good Germans” who made Nazi Germany possible. Want to be counted in the face of galloping pollution. We’ve got to reverse this if only to pass along a livable world to our kids and grandkids. Wayne has 7 of those latter.

From 350.org and/or Richmond – Summer Heat

MARCH, RALLY & NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION at the Chevron Refinery in Richmond, CA

The planet has lurched past the ominous milestone of 400 parts per million concentration of CO2. Big Oil continues its irresponsible pursuit of more and dirtier fossil fuels. Local refineries are beginning to import Canadian tar sands for processing in the Bay Area. The moment has come to stand up to the industry that is wrecking our future.

Please join 350.org, 350 Bay Area, the Richmond Progressive Alliance, Communities for a Better Environment, Gathering Tribes, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Urban Tilth, labor unions, and others for a family-friendly march and spirited rally at the refinery’s main gate.

Saturday, August 3rd:

Gather: Outside Richmond BART station
Time: 10am, Saturday August 3
March: From Richmond BART to Chevron refinery
Shorter March & Kids’ Events: George Carroll (aka Washington) Park, Pt Richmond, 10:30 AM
Rally: Chevron refinery, S. Castro St gate, map here
Special Guests: Bill McKibben & local speakers

This action falls three days before the one-year anniversary of the Chevron refinery’s most recent explosion and fire. The community is joining together to call for:

NO more toxic hazards.
NO Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.
NO refining tar sands or fracked crude.
YES to a just transition from dirty fossil fuels to union jobs in clean energy!
Please check here for more details, or go to 350BayArea.org. Join the Action and RSVP below!

Find out more about What Else You Can Do to get informed and involved in the action.

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