So tonight I broke away from Oasis Farm and got myself downtown to join friends at the Apple Box for a sky show (blueberry and orange sherbet sunset) to meet those friends who have moved to Arizona and those who still live here and we’ll all be together at First SUnday Brunch tomorrow, too.

First warm summer night for me at Apple Box looking out on the Petaluma River – with soooo sweet and jazzy – Foxes in the Henhouse, new version, new singer with great voice. I could sing along to classics with spirit! Lots of yachts at the Petaluma Yacht Club for their annual Labor Day weekend celebrations.

Always enjoy the Apple Box, Zohre’s Persian friends and family waiting on us, us close friends coming to hear close friends sing wonderfully, a few people dancing and more moving to the beat in their seats. Great circle of all round decent human beings.

After, I walked out to Petaluma Blvd., noticing Petaluma Pete’s piano with a setting sun behind it, John M “Petaluma Pete” in front. I owe him; he took care of my piano 3 years while we built our new house. So he played something I could dance to (and I did a little jig) and I said come by and see if we can save my old library table…nights still sweet in downtown Petaluma. Even Central Market was upbeat! Fire-be-damned, their sign claims they’ll be open “in a few days”. Hope so!

Still miss the weekend nights when Petaluma Blvd. was a hot spot to be – but this eve was just about perfect.