Bob McFarland, Shepherd Bliss, Connie Madden

John Trudell, Bob McFarland, Shepherd Bliss, Lydia Kindheart at Pachamama

The Pachamama Alliance luncheon at Fort Mason last week was amazing. 1,000 people? Dressed festively, GREAT bite (purple rice, what were those nuts? Kuri squash?) Will attempt to learn these foods, and the PEOPLE and their various messages were heartwarming and inspiring. More, the Awakening the Dream Symposium has reached maybe millions of people now, engaging them in actions to move towards a more humane, livable planet. Haven’t seen another group do this this well…take note.

Just now watching OneRepublic – Counting Stars/YouTube. “We’re not counting money; we’re counting stars”. Finding good dreams and acting with others on them.

Want to offer your kids, your grandkids, the world, a place to stand that is sustainable, kind even? Want to give more back? Inspiration at Pachamama is in the form of Lynn and Bill Twist, who invariably create such commonality that everyone digs deeper in their pockets than they had planned to. Want to support human rights around the globe? Sign up.

Want to find a new dream you can grow and make work for you and others? There’s a plan for that in the Pachamama universe. Called the Awakening the Dreamer; Changing the Dream Symposium (see trailer at – no one knows how many people have taken the course! It spreads without paperwork at times, through people passionate about making the world work better. Millions engaged very likely!

Whole luncheon event began with Peruvian flute music, involved a shaman/healer who sometimes does workshops at Lydia’s! And brave people telling brave stories in song and stories.

Very much enjoyed the company of those I traveled with as well. Linda Delair of Lydia’s Sunflower Center and Pachamama, is a go-getter, working the crowd. Bob McFarland, President, CA State Grange, came as did Grangers from up and down the coast, so group shots w. John Trudell, producer of Industrial Hemp film, Bringing it Home, which our Grange will bring to Lydia’s Sunflower Center very soon. The Grange initiated industrial hemp legislation now law. Lydia Kindheart was awaiting her octogenarian Mom, arriving from Paris to Petaluma via Airport Express. Enjoyed Ricardo from Portugal, a handsome young tecno-artist visiting Lydia. Wanted to know where he might exhibit large pieces.

Great day I’d say. Adriana Dakin (Henry Dakin’s eldest, for those who keep in touch) taking lots of photos for “my team” of young women entrepreneurs she’s gathered to work with her at ImaginePod following a history that included building entrepreneurial skills with young people in Russia. Love her whole family and getting to know the new grandkids.

Pachamama currently lists our dysfunctional Democracy and its response, the Move to Amend project, and Climate Crisis as 2 most urgent issues. They are very active in the Amazon and elsewhere. Love this group – marvelous to see the-never-back-down attitude spreading.