joseys garden 422 I St.

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joseys garden dave

joseys gardenSo viewing all the hoopla generated by Sebastopol Grange (our sister/brother Grange; we’re Petaluma Grange), I noticed a day of the 10-day all-over-town event(s) called Sebastopol Village Building Convergence – that actually is staged in Petaluma – Josey’s Garden, 422 I Street going on right now since yesterday (Tues./Wed. 9/16-17).

Went to read event copy at and found a phone for Raleigh Campbell, a Weaving Earth (Penngrove permaculture group) coordinator for the Josey’s Garden installation. Raleigh came to our Grange meeting! So much enthusiasm! So I had to go meet her and friends at 422 I Street today. (photos embedded). Work in progress!

Josey’s Garden is a place in time any 2 year old (Josey is 2!) would be proud of!
A willow dome play house in nestled in the corner of what was a driveway, in front of which are berms of ultra verdant soil mixing up the seeds of what was a quinoa, sunflower, other flower area with what will be. Sheets of flagstone will be walkable through the mini-park, a tiny lending library will grace the entryway.

Whatever your thoughts about a mini-park, stopping by is the only way to get the flavor of it. From chalk Welcome! to chalk blackboards for sketching and writing notes, the small resting place is a charmer. It’ll be there for years we know…stop by and help it grow beautiful…it already is!

And check out what remains of Village BUilding Convergence! Already had Starhawk, … and continues on through….but then, of course, you can keep visiting all these marvelous sites – Sebastopol Village has been changed for the better…