So we honored Wayne’s Mom, Pat, a life-long artist, her house graced by her paintings, at a Birthday Bash at her place recently. It was an obvious step – she’s always a gracious host – and we wanted to re-do the 80th B-Day where about 80 people came to send good wishes and eat fine foods where she had lived for about 50 years in the house she and husband, Fred, built, in LA. Then, she had said “your gift is your presence” and received a houseful of gifts anyway. This time, 60 or so family and friends joined her for a dance party. The band she chose is Gary Grubb’s new Hot Grubb – a bunch of pros playing smooth jazz and dance music with an occasional original – she knew she wanted them when she heard them at Peg Grubb’s Birthday party earlier this summer.

Here’s a link to Jim Johnson’s great portraits and group shots:

As there are now about 20 Morgenthaler/Waterbury/Maddens living in and around Petaluma, the party was repleat with babies, little kids, teens, and Wayne hired a crew of talented catering friends who were PERFECT.

Truly a wonderful day! Jim Johnson, Studio 7, took shots of everything and everyone without more than a mild nudge. We’ll fix lunch for him shortly and thank him innummerable ways. See a few images attached!

So glad kids of all ages years took the hint and danced to the music on the grass beyond the deck where Pat had a fair reception line going, friends and family come to sit and talk and share supper and that Happy Birthday song.

And what a dinner it was! Wayne outdid himself, serving a beet/orange zest/apple stick salad made with our Oasis Farm apples and beets – how many asked for the recipe (?)…and the arugula/gorgonzola stuffed chicken – yum! Glad to have two last dinner portions in the freezer!

Of course, best always is the company! Many from our Petaluma Grange including former Mayor and farmer, Pamela Torliatt, City Councilmember Teresa Barrett, our Sebastopol Grange friends, Shepherd Bliss, Amy and Jim Crawford and so many Petalumans I’m not going to list. Glad to see the Big Tamborski and his funny, adorable Karen, Lorna J, Linda L, Margy Boyle is always a card, Chris Samson and his fiddling friend, Barbara Arhon, Peter Byrne, Stacey and Miles. Jerry Price getting into conversation with Andrew Tickle and Hank Zucker. So glad to see them all and everyone else who came!

Pat's B-Day crowdPat's B-Day Cake 2014Pat's 88th B-Day at Peg

So there is much to look forward to if you’re an optimist (and I am) – I hope some people treat ME this well if and when I’m 90! Seems a learning curve in ways – help where help is needed and learn to stop there.

How was Pat’s day? She smiled and smiled and smiled and still was next day! We put together a great little book of photos for her, one for us and singles of several…the party keeps going, thanks to Jim’s fine photos.

Glad for everyone who came, who helped, especially to Jeannette, Pat’s live-in caregiver and friend who made lovely papier-mache lanterns and that amazing 3-layer, 3-kind cake that looked like a Hollywood hat surrounded by lavender and black ribbons. Tasted great, too! Cannot thank Jeanette enough for being there when needed and with a smile and care and excellent training as a care giver. Wishing we could provide the same for everyone – yet knowing we are very blessed.