So if you love your local hiking park and bird sanctuary, Shollenberger Park, gorgeous views, peaceful walking, excellent spirit lifter – you’ll be coming to Lagunitas for Wet Your Whistle TUES. 5:30pm and give up the $25 suggested donation for the hard ongoing work of Save Shollenberger on our behalf.

I’ve written about, walked in the rain, photoed a Baker’s dozen swans and dragonflies (really, one day EXACTLY thirteen of each)! And lamented the cutting down of the nesting trees for Snowy Egrets across the River where Dutra reigns.

Shollenberger remains our most popular walking park and migratory bird landing spot just off Pet. Blvd. S., right on S. McDowell and right at the Cader Park sign…well, you may want someone to take you into that lot the first time – but you can ALSO drive to the end of Cypress and park alongside seasonal pools of water populated with ducks, coots, swans, Canada Geese, others critters you have to look up. It is plain wonderful.

Loved the day daughter-in-law brought baby Bella with us sometimes in a stroller. When she saw the swans, Bella jumped down and started a brisk walk into the water to go hug a swan. Great way to start a girl, yes?

Anyhoo, all this wraps up with the sweet invite to a happy evening celebrating the solid good work of the Save Shollenberger tribe for all these years. They’ll catch you up on their news at the gathering at 5:30 TUES. Here’s their copy:

#Petaluma, Wet Your Whistle For The Wetlands
The Shollenberger Shindig is Tuesday evening February 3 starting at 5:30PM at Lagunitas Beer Sanctuary.
By Positively Petaluma (Star Patcher)February 2, 2015 at 6:15am
#Petaluma, Wet Your Whistle For The Wetlands
This is a special benefit for Friends of Shollenberger and General Admission is only $25. You get great music, artisan beer tasting, light supper gratis, and a silent auction with art and wine. Also while enjoying yourself you also get the satisfaction knowing your donation is going to a good cause. Click here to get tickets online.

In August 2014 we did a short story and video on the rescue of a rare aquatic bird found at Shollenberger. For no apparent reason this post went viral over the last week and was viewed by thousands with most referrals coming from facebook.

Click here if you want to see the photo of the rare baby Black Rail bird and a short video of the International Bird Rescue feeding the tiny-black puff-ball chick. (may need to go to their site).