So Petaluma Grange President, Tiffany Renee, her helpful techie husband, Jaimey Walkingbear and Grange Secretary/video editor, Kelly Collins pulled together an excellent talk and workshop on how to protect and take care of animals in emergencies Wednesday night at the Library.

Petaluma Community Access (PCA) sent two camera people and Kelly will edit the footage so after a bit there will be sales of a video as a fundraiser after it shows on our local public access TV.

Tiff and Jaimey brought Brian Whipple of SoCo Animal Services, Dr. Ted Stashak of the SoCo Horse Council, Pete Albers of the SoCo Ag Commission, and Julie Atwood of the HALTER fund as speakers and we learned how to tag big animals and how to decide what to do with chickens and pets (I’ll let my chickens free, NOT try to put them in our car).

AND I even won a 3-day 1 person emergency kit – thanks team for arranging raffle items from Earthquake Supply Center in San Rafael. A nudge to actually create sufficient reserves to keep us in food and water if power goes and flood or fire are a present danger.

Check Petaluma Grange Facebook page for upcoming activities and to know when the video will air and be available for purchase.

As promised, I’ll share my workshop kit with our CSA partners, Suchernova Farm, as they have sheep, cows, a miniature horse, goats and pigs! We’re now supplying vegetables to complete CSA boxes for local customers, adding Oasis Farm organic veggies to their meats and I am delighted to say there’s usually someone visiting when I arrive with a workshop in mind like the upcoming “Eat More Flowers”. Sweet. Suchernova’s Melissa and Ben are Grangers, too.