I guess we all need a good brainwashing about now? I don’t mean others imposing their will on yours – I mean clearing of the heads, hearts, figuring out what you actually want to do with your hands. Clearing the cobwebs; removing the lint.

This would be New Year’s Cleaning? I DO notice the spider’s creations I missed in Xmas cobbing; I DO notice I want another set of sheets, but, come on, go deeper.

I will now recommit to doing good work with ethical people. At home, close to home, globally. For now, my short list includes Petaluma Grange, Daily Acts, KOWS FM
A Better World is Possible (and Bioneers radio they already feature), 350.org, Transition movement US, UK, Paris, whatever Jerry Brown can accomplish toward reversing climate crisis, whatever humanitarian groups can accomplish to end rascism and xenophobia, whatever project Frances Moore Lappe’, author Diet for a Small Planet and 17 others! chooses to work on (I’ll help).

At home, you’d think it’s easier than figuring out the universe. Seems simple enough to feed the chickens, but they want greens and scratch, nests cleaned. Growing organic vegetables? What is the right amount and of what? What a puzzle! Wayne’s mainly been figuring it out, but will take a whole lot to go from Farmers Markets to stable CSA program with our friends the biodynamic meat and herb growers, holding amazing workshops in their yert (Kundalina Yoga, Mushroom Cultivation, Laughter Yoga for Teachers to name 3), Suchernova Farms, outside Cotati.

And this is the year the big barn beyond the house will be completed – for whatever we want from it. Dance parties? On occasion. Bands? Of course, the folksy kinds that don’t burn your ears out. Yoga? Probably several varieties.

But most important is the love between us, couples, families, friends, the universe. Learninng more about that from Rumi, all the famous poets, locals who’ve done their homework. I’m getting in the game, too with submissions to literary journals and looking at publishing a chapbook. And a novel and producing another play!

And now to make cheese enchiladas so everyone knows Mom is home.