On A Better World is Possible – new RADIO show on KOWS FM – Shepherd Bliss interviews Richard Heinberg Mon. 1/18, 5pm. Hear a clear and studied explanation of how we’re doing vs. climate change from Heinberg, an early leader in the field, whose books include Peak Everything, The Party’s Over and the End of Growth among others. Host, Shepherd Bliss is owner/farmer at Kokopelli Farms outside Sebastapol, is a critical thinking professor at Dominican College and a journalist and activist.

My questions for Richard Heinberg: (Shepherd has agreed to use)

Immense amounts of fracking and the unearthing of natural gas have occured in recent years; do you still predict a “peak oil” date or how has this picture changed?

How do you see the power relations between Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Russia and other fossil fuel economies playing out in the near future due to low gas prices and the rise of stocks of natural gas? It seems Saudi Arabia, in particular, has lost its economic base?

Bio: Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute, author of 12 books, will be interviewed Jan. 18, Mon., 5-6 p.m. on KOWS-FM’s new “A Better World IS Possible.” Heinberg is considered to be one of the world’s foremost advocates for a shift away from our current reliance on fossil fuels. KOWS is available at 107.3 on certain West County sites and online at www.kows.fm.

Highly recommended radio show! I got to be on the show talking about the Paris COP21 conference with Willard McDonald of Climate Protection Center; Shepherd then interviewed Evan Wiig, multi-talented founder of Farmers Guild and he’s open for show topics. Easy to get to KOWS FM – just Google it.