Stopped off end of errand time at Petaluma Arts Center – sorry to have missed a few great exhibits; Scott Hess’s Black Artists on Art among those, sadly. So determined NOT to miss our friends in the Members show. I counted EIGHT exhibitors we know well. Wonderful talented imaginative transportational…what do you say?

Loved seeing so much playful and artful and thoughtful work by friends! Here are a few:

So glad to see the works of friends! Sabrina Campbell’s dark and passionate paintings, Edgar Haris’s playful yet powerful Peace Plane, the shadow art of Janet Bean, the oh-so-familiar collage of Becky Winslow (I always stock up on her cheerful, playful creations for Christmas), Chris Einfeld’s mystical Dragon temple world, Katie Haas introspective woman,and so very much more…THROUGH SUNDAY…

Edgar Haris' Peace Plane

Janet Bean's shadow sculpture

Chris Einfeld's Dragon