Can’t count the number of times we’ve gotten up extra early to get chores done and get to Ripple the World, the Sonoma-famous breakfast created by Daily Acts’s Trathen Heckman and his tribe following after the mag. of the same name.

We used to keep Ripple the World the magazine by the door of Jungle Vibes Gift and Toy Emporium for years…relishing its sensitive, upbeat, informative articles – a bit reminiscent of The Sun magazine – tenderhearted and truthful. So it is with pleasure that I nudge you to attend or support this year’s Ripple the World breakfast, again at the SR Vets Memorial Building across the way from the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.

I stand by my statement that Ripple the World the breakfast is either the best networking all year or close to it and inspiring! Can’t even recall the number of quickly shared ideas for joint projects last year. HOW could we help bring a compost facility back to Sonoma County? (Writing about that now for SoCo Gazette); when was the next Rumi Caravan? What are the connections between Transition US, Transition UK and Daily Acts at the moment? Where and when is the next Permaculture Convergence? Those and closer to most people in the room: how are we doing with our water consumption?

Daily Acts and its great network of city partners have nudged Sonoma County cities into savings of millions of gallons of water! Quite amazing when you think of it, the work of this little Daily Acts engine that could (and does) get us working together!

So I’m excited again to be a table captain for the Ripple Breakfast – email me if you want to attend and don’t have an assigned table – or contact D’Lynda Fisher at Daily Acts – or anyone there.

I can almost hear the conversation at our table, to be graced by Art Kopecky (wrote two books on the New Buffalo commune in Taos, New Mexico and helped produce the Morningstar Commune film and play), Linda Delair, self-proclaimed “hempster” boosting the cause of legalizing the hemp plant around our region and nationally; people who prepare raw chocolate delights and teach vegan food prep, who work at Whole Foods and take the class on vegan foods – we’re all stars here; the kind that not only twinkle for our own entertainment but link up with others so our Daily Ripples get wider and stronger and more beautiful. Go to for graphics and more info.

And COME if you can or donate to this marvelous LOCAL/GLOBAL group that boosts Ripples+Reverance+Relations=Resilience.
Many many rays of light in our darkest season. Usually attended by about 600 people including a whole array of our elected public officials.