Coming out of dream time, I was Alice Through the Looking Glass with card people toppling over my head. Scary! But reminded myself they’re all just playing cards. But then came the rift in the time-space continuem and its menacing hole which I swiftly moved away from. Don’t want to go that way now. Maybe later when someone explains how jumping to a parallel universe works and I agree it sounds like a good idea. So much we just don’t know, do we? Like what on earth just happened.

Some tad of hope listening to Michael Krasny’s KQED Forum – perhaps Trump will be like Arnold Schwarzenegger? He will moderate and learn? Possible. Possibly one could appease his humongous ego to get some relief from his worst proclamations; “most of the worst things that ever happened never did,” said French philosopher, Montaigne.

The election just unleashed huge amounts of anger, zenophobia, homophobia, all manner of phobia. Western Civilization? It’s a good idea, said Ghandi. Meaning we aren’t actually civilized and I say “Amen”. Obviously, the Democratic Party, once the harbinger of better labor relations and a friend to working people became completely the tool of big money and bureaucracy and we’ll all suffer because that wasn’t understood or corrected. Our economy and peace of mind rest on the concept of a strong middle class and we’ve been decimating that.

A tough time happening us all (or for people with blinders on sunshine everywhere?) as we just took a terrible wrong turn and now must face – what? Climate crisis we’ve only just seen in nightmares; threats to all underserved populations; growing fear among families with illegal residents hoping to become citizens; will Trump push and pull and fail to create jobs, discover you can’t just bully your way into the future. Or can you? Am remembering my childhood was under the shadowy figure of Mayor Richard J. Daily, obviously a friend to the Mob in Chicago. But we always felt he kept a real war from breaking out because of his shady alliances and tough talk.

Will the US back OUT of the Paris climate agreement?!#&@^%!!! Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) told us yesterday in a teleconference that process would take three years and they will dig in and fight with and for us. I’ll definitely support NRDC more. And MAYBE Trump will learn climate crisis is real in that time? But the Paris accord needs money and umph behind it – a heating planet our greatest crisis, actually!!! If Trump just refuses to back the agreement that’s as damaging as pulling out of it entirely. We cannot afford to lose focus on this issue!

The Paris Climate agreement is the best so far on global goals to face climate crisis and Obama worked hard behind the scenes to bridge the gap with China and get real results so we can slow the crisis. Dianne Feinstein reminds us that California is itself as big as seven other states and we remain the lead state in the nation in environmental progress, thank you very much, Jerry Brown, creator with Paul Hawken of California Conservation Corps and so many other good useful programs designed to save our asses. So back to Sierra Club,, NRDC, CREDO ACTION, End Citizens United, EcoWatch, Food and Water Watch, UNICEF, all the good, hard working troups for a healthy planet I respect. I will decide which get monthly support from me and give each at least some money till I realize I have to stop. There are a great many worthly non-profit agencies…but you gotta make choices.

So my personal choices at the moment include daily exercise, visits with friends and family, the best movies and music I can find, great conversations with smart friends, listening to World Affairs Council and Commonwealth Club and REveal and New Yorker Radio Hour and Living on Earth when I can and lots of PetRX (Sunday Chron comic), bring pets onto your lap, 3x/daily for anxiety remedy. It works! Will also sing a Leonard Cohen song at Open Mic at the Methodist Church in Petaluma Sunday night. Singing good, even if you tend to be a little off key. And I’ll publish poetry instead of only occasionaly reading at Open Mics. Writing, like the act of DANCING makes me happy! So, yes, I’ll be rediscovering that which makes me happy and be brave! This spookiness, too, shall pass.

I always agree with myself that the pain of injustice is only served by acting for the good – you gotta DO something. But, right now, makes perfect sense to catch the drift of the changes piling up upon us, support good work where you find it, and right now, for the most part – coast.