Holidaze 2016 wasn’t going to be complete without singing with others. But we missed Wings of Glory and a few other opportunities getting ready for family. So what was GREAT was our friend, Duane Bellinger, called to say “community sing tonight at Aqus” and I told a friend and our daughter-in-law and her daughter and we met up with a roomful of friends and those who would readily be friends. Passionate carolers, all, many of whom had just returned from caroling the downtown; even a book of songs handed out all nice and fresh from some printer with a bright green cover.

A couple glasses of wine, a juice for the granddaughter and a muffin and we were set for singing our hearts out. About Jesus and Angels and snow and Rudolf and old movie themes some that we don’t always talk about but all felt right at the moment. Nothing quite this warming on a cold WINTER night! (Look, Mom, we have WINTER – frosty crystals in the wood bark walkways of our farm recall Chicago winters, 20degrees below and making that first snow angel. Wow! THAT was scary wonderful winter; our frost the refrain.)

A brief story of Aqus deserves to be told from time to time. John Crowley, owner, gatherer of friends, was the only guy our fledgling Petaluma Independent Business Alliance (PIBA) gave a Local Hero Award to. According to John, he was raised in an Irish Pub and wanted to create a space where people don’t (just) go home. He’s got it in Aqus, a home away from home for so many in our town.

So we just keep going back and back, especially for packed gatherings like last night’s sing-a-long, but St. Paddy’s Day was also super fun and then there are the frequent stop bys when you’re going for a walk in the neighborhood or meeting someone for lunch … but do your own sleuthing on when you want to visit. John and his very loving wife, Diana Gentile (good name for her!) create an event about every day!

So check this out often as conditions (and events) may change:
www.aqusnews.com/postings Aqusnews.com
And Be of Good Cheer! Aqus is very kid and critter friendly, too, though you ought to leave your dog outdoors on the deck for the most part.

EX OF HOLIDAY CHEER FROM AQUS: Holiday Caroling – Thursday Dec 22, 2016
Bring a candle. Bring a drum. Bring some jingle bells and let’s do this! Meet at the Petaluma Museum at 5:15pm for a glass of mulled wine and we’ll set off around town about 5:30. (We’ll go next time; granddaughter, Bella is just learning the songs and Terran, 2, just says “Hey! for Jingle Bells.”