Just staying steady in this time of High Wind can be exhausting – takes a village, really. So we’ll get to Petaluma City Council to stand for our endangered friends and call for City Council to pass the “It Won’t Happen Here” declaration this evening, promptly at 7 pm for public comment. Not quite ready to touch the IMPEACHMENT button, but listening.

A week ago, I heard famed linguist, George Lakoff, at Praxis Peace, Sonoma, and heard him out on a pathway out of the mess we’re in. Seems he’s turning it back to us – starting a Citizens Communications Network on FB and a website. Look for that in a week. I got 25pps of notes; someone on FB grabbed this:

A friend recently heard George Lakoff [retired UC-Berkeley Prof of Cognitive Science and Linguistics] speak.
Lakoff reminded his audience how much our words influence our thinking and gave these guidelines for resisting the new US government:
1. Don’t use the chief executive’s name (I can’t say his name already!)
2. Remember that this is a regime [he’s not acting alone]
3. Don’t argue with those who support him– it doesn’t work]
4. Focus on his policies [not his physical or mental state]
5. Keep your message positive–they want the country to be angry and fearful
6. No more helpless/hopeless talk
7. Support artists and the arts
8. Be careful not to spread fake news. [Check it first]
9. Take care of yourself and your community
10. Resist!

To that I’d add the overall view of Lakoff that our new Pres. is the posterboy for Lakoff’s scenario of the Strict Father/conservative worldview – he’s always right; he can’t go wrong; he’s the BOSS. Here’s how Lakoff draws this picture:
God Above Man
Man Above Nature
The Strong Above the Weak
The Rich Above the Poor
Employers Above Employees
Adults Above Children
Western Culture Above Other Cultures
Men above women
Whites Above Non-Whites
Christians Above Non- Christians
Straights Above Gays

Was glad to be reminded WE ARE THE MAJORITY: WE CAN WIN. Hard to believe just now, but will hang with that, network over and over, keep the advice of a feminist on KQED’s FORUM this am and BE RELENTLESSLY PLEASENT (so as not to be marginalized).

Loads of good work right about now, folks! Dig in the dirt (to grow food and flowers), and dig into you heart and mind to share your best with others who can hear you – and if you DO get the BE RELENTLESSLY PLEASANT thing down, might just try talking to people who totally disagree! Whew.