Whew! An embarrassment of riches, says Micheal Krasny often. Planned on marching with Peace and Justice Center in Santa Rosa this Sat. April 29th to defend immigrant rights, public lands, work to drawdown climate change – and then realized our GRANDDAUGHTER, Bella, is getting her first Capoeira belt and cousin, Ihsan, another belt on the same day. I’m not a clone, not yet, so must take photos! And clap during performances!

But the work of creating a just and healthy planet (did we actually EVER have one?) is still heavy on my mind so rereading The Chalice and the Blade (what were those years of matriarchy when for a 1,000 years there was no war???)

Reading the new tool/book, Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, edited by Paul Hawken, seen first in New Yorker online…our smart guys are hanging with each other! Also, Jack Kornfield’s new No Time Like the Present, Finding Freedom, Love, and Joy Right Where You Are, as a coughdrop for my soul. We need our props!

So marching along with the Butter & Egg Day Parade today I know I’ll get some great pics of horses and kidlets, floats and friends and we support our local wonderfulness. Really is quite special even if you look at all the local parades across our land. Just the horses alone…and the Cutest little Chick contest, the Capoeira kids will be graceful and wonderfully collaborative in their dance, the floats colorful, fun music and amazingly imaginative…

And then back to the work of creating jobs, justice and the reversing climate crisis while defining our Oasis Community Farm as it morphs with completion of the meeting space/barn.

My new signature line is: “We’ll stop talking about climate change when you start doing something about it,” Bill Nye from his new Bill Nye Saves the World, now on Netflix. Don’t just march, WATCH IT! I’ll take notes.