Start at the Seed Bank at 11am tomorrow, and follow the whole parade of Poetry Walk around Petaluma’s downtown and it is likely to work like an extended meditation on the world and everything. For word smiths and affianados, it’s a great day.

For twenty-two years, Petaluma Poetry Walk has engaged, thrilled, entertained, challenged and linked people who write poems and people who love them. Usually comes with a tad of musical accompaniment and some snacks at the various venues, too.

This year, Poetry Walk;s first venue is The Petaluma Seed Bank, moving at noon to Riverfront Art Gallery, then, 1pm, the newish Cultivate “a new kind of take out and cafe,” where Poetry Walk founder, Geri DiGiorno will read, then on to also newish North Bay Cafe, Copperfield’s Bookstore, Phoenix Theater, Petaluma Historical Museum and a finale with music and snacks at Aqus Cafe 6-8pm. A full 8 hours of excellent writing.

This year, the Walk begins with poet Gregory Mahrer, published in many poetry collections. He’ll read and recite from his own new A Provisional Map of the Lost Continent.

Continues to be amazing that this solid day of poems comes together each year, twenty two years after poet, Geri DiGiorno, founded the series. Geri will be reading again this year at 1pm at Cultivate, 5 Petaluma Blvd.”A new kind of cafe and carryout”. Geri’s White Lipstick collection is familiar to many Poetry Walkers and Geri has a new collection, Bartalk,” based on years of conversations in and around her sister’s bar, ??? a gathering place for writers and artists in San Francisco since the 1940’s.