Great ideas fall on my head: Common Ground article, 43rd Anniversary Gratitude Issue, Small but Steadfast, stuck in my head as I’ve been ruminating on What Must Be Done while good work done by others over decades falls to the wayside in this alt-right Republican administration. Tax plan to benefit the bloated wealthy? Done? Open National parks to drilling? OUCH! Keep boosting fossil fuels while we need to keep them in the ground? And the hate crimes building with the express support of those who love only people who look like them (it seems). Muslim ban? Muslim religion grows exponentially while we show without a doubt our government is not a friend.

What can I do? Possibly be steadfast in this blog. Loads of good ideas and works crossing our paths regularly.
Here in Petaluma, Undocufund volunteers gather money and resources for those who lost theirs in the fire, before and after the fire. North Bay Labor Council helps wherever possible. Long list of non-profits helping us be more resilient, even regenerative. Build the soil and your friend base.

While we have to dig in where we live, I must look over to Bill McKibben again and again and he’s saying Winning Slowly is the Same as Losing in the fight against climate crisis. We simply can’t wait another day to save the planet. Reading his Radio Free Vermont novel now – even Bill had to take a break from unending bad news!

So what I can do is write a regular blog along with baking cookies, cleaning house, making ready to make merry (which we also need to carry on). Little things do mean a lot. I take food, clothing, occasional magazines to Mary Isaak Center and the guy by the kitchen is warm and sunny and I know the gift is useful. And, of course, there is end of the year giving to every non-profit who can find your address or phone. I’ll send something to the Chronicle delivery woman this time. And the postman.

“Steadfast, stead coming from ‘place’ and fast to hold on to.” So take a risk, step outside your comfort zone and give of yourself in your neighborhood and globally. We have a great deal to add to our blessings list, but perhaps, add to those of others near and far, too.

So, like the article’s author, Julia Cho, I can commit to doing my blog every week. “…words provide enormous comfort,” says Cho, “and I feel most seen when I read something that resonates.” It is important for each of us to know we are seen and not forgotten.