So glad to hear Jerry Brown’s careful presentation of California’s accomplishments, fears, challenges, and challenges…I mean, in the middle he had to go and say the Union of Concerned Scientists just moved the needle on the CLock of Doom to 2 minutes before midnight (annihilation via nuclear holocaust). BUT, he reminds us over and over, we now have great level of employment, are investing in education and health care, and we have become a national (I’d say international) model for reversal of climate crisis. Watch the whole thing here:

California is projecting $16 billion surplus gas tax is threatened; Trump admin threatens a lot of what Jerry would like to see; what he and California would accomplish. Gavin Newsom in the mix; Reflect on the fact Jerry will not be prominent here after awhile. Ann Gust Brown – looking forward to making olive oil up on the ranch is Colusa County in the future? Our Governor has to walk a bit of a line – where he’s been critical of Trump, he also needs federal money. So far Fed has come through with disaster funding. May be where cooperation stops. A vacancy to fill: appointment of 4th justice (he appointed 3 of 7); one place this Governor will make an imprint. Fed. Government mandated we reduce the prison population will be lasting, though some feel he went too far. Came full circle to reforming the 3 strikes rule, etc.

He always looks toward the future – is thinking of his family history – and hasn’t ruled out another run for President. Glad to say I was a bit player in his third run for Pres. in 1992 – his fire house was blocks away from 3220 Sacramento St./The Gallery, where visionaries spread their wings. Fantastic watching Jody Evans walk through the door with her flaming red hair and boots – had it all under control, if anyone could control Jerry – and later she went on to found CODE PINK. Well, a book will be out this year about those 3220 years, so back to TODAY’s speech.

Who would Jerry Brown like to see be Gov.? Hasn’t endorsed but front runner is Lieutenant Gov. Gavin Newsom. He’s seeking a supporter of rail and all his other causes, looking at “a mutual dance with a new generation coming to take over the house.” At a budget press conference he offered “good luck to my successor – a financial correction is coming – preserve stability we currently have.” His office moved from $26billion deficit and leaves as I mentioned a $16billion surplus.

“As my father used to say “I accept the nomination” ( that hint he may run again for US Pres?) “I’m here to report the condition of our state….we should never forget the bounty and endless opportunities represented here…hardships, bankruptcies – unemployment was above 12percent when he came into office and the deficit caused some to call CA The Coast of Dystopia, talk of a Great CA Exodus, the Ungovernable Coast and the question: is the California Dream dead? California had the worst business track record with income at $154billion; today that has risen to $2.4 trillion with 2.8million new jobs created. Very few places in the world can match that. Confidence in the work that California government is doing is well received – and it is significant that the budget can now be approved with a simple majority. Pension reform is in place – Republicans and Democrats did it together. There is a Water Bond and a Cap and Trade program. “Republicans, don’t worry; I got your back! Some American governments can actually get something done,” he said.

Recent fires and mudslides show how we can all rise to the occasion. Thank firefighters, first responders and volunteers. These great men and women answered the call in some cases when their own homes were threatened.
“We can’t fight nature; we have to learn to get along with it. (the land) used to support 300,000 people maybe for 20,000 years – we now host 40 million on the same soil – that’s why we have to innovate constantly – with ever greater public and private participation. Eight of the state’s worst fires have occurred in the lasts 5 years – in 2017 we had the highest temperatures in recorded history. We have to manage our forests and soils and will convene a task force to review how forests are managed; they’ll also consider how to store carbon; when forest fires rage across the land. The science of climate change is not in doubt. Russian and China have all endorsed the view that greenhouse gases are capturing. All nations agree except for one – our president.”

Jerry expects to see 5 million zero emission vehicles on the road by 2020. Think of all the jobs!
High speed rail: “I like trains; I like high speed trains even better. 11 other countries have high speed trains.” 1500 construction workers are on the job NOW – as the global economy lowers wages, infrastructure jobs will be well paid here. They can’t discourage or stop us whether its dams, roads, CA is setting the pace for the entire nation. $5.8billion will boost our education system there are still people lacking any degree so Jerry plans an online learning college that won’t compete with existing colleges for people out of the work force.

There is much we can do; the times are full of possibilities and full of danger. The Bulletin of The Union of Concerned Scientists gives us 2 minutes to midnight while the poison in our politics calls out for courage and genuine dialogue. Women’s March, The Dreamers, CA was in the forefront. “Yes, we too, will persist. In the hearts of Californians let this be a great year for California for our nation and our future.”

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