So we’re still busy defining ourselves, sometimes the most delicious part of life!
Thought to describe a couple of quick vignettes – hummingbird in the living room and music in the barn!

With, perhaps, a detour for children in the house…always a treat, though pretty MESSY. Last night, Bella, 5, asked to watch Nutcracker Ballet on my MacBook on the butcher block in the house kitchen, so it was on, several versions, maybe 2 hours with Bella and Terran, now 3, creating their very own “ballet” moves…lovely!

Day before, Jade, 5, and I had a brief and extreme encounter with a hummingbird in the window of our living room.
Had to get my phone for pics as the hummer sat on a cushion trying to figure how to get out. I managed to lift s/he onto a broom 3x and move toward the door, speaking softly so the bird would know I meant no harm.
S/he dropped off onto an embarrassing pile of spider webs behind a post and I found myself picking the tiny bird up to pull the webs off its exhausted little face. THAT WORKED, so I then tried to get the bird back on the broom to get it out the door, but in the process reached for its tail feathers – which ALL came OFF! OUCH. Poor little hummer! So I’ve included a photo of the feathers with some pedals of quince brought to Sunday Supper before last by Zeb and very much hope the hummingbird, which flew from branch to branch of a nearby plum tree, is doing OK. Whew!

Then, a bit unnerved, walked into our community barn to hear Rama on drums and his friend, Brian, on guitar singing such a sweet song I had to sit and listen before I could say food is ready in the house. Such is our budding community life, full of hopeful kids of all ages…just like Jungle Vibes used to be? But we don’t have to sell anything, just enjoy the best we can muster of music, conversation, action to reverse climate change, becoming more loving and better communicators (soon to practice Nonviolent Communications with our barn manager, Rama and books by Marshall Rosenberg.)

Ana’s Hummingbird in our window with tailfeathers still on

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