So was gratified to see, read, hear about Plastic Free July though we didn’t manage to BE plastic free – moving in that direction; taking packaging out of our lives, less to landfill, more in the recycle bins! Use of wax-infused cotton cloths (Etsee) to cover dishes in the frig., finally using steel water bottle, reusable containers for bulk foods where that makes sense. Will we get to homemade toothpaste?

Even spoke with a guy at Eastside Farmers Market, Petaluma, with a Zero Waste booth complete with bulk beans and kits. The Silo Pantry.

We are looking at Dr. Bronner’s for shampoo and to wash the car (seems the label lists about everything you ever clean). Much appreciated forum presented by Laura Neish of 350 Bay Area on Zero Waste at Aqus Cafe, and the loads of hints on how to avoid plastic in daily life. Now discovering how much of this you can do at Olivers, Community Market – who else will let you refill from bulk.

While not even all our friends will order beeswax covers from Etsee, what DOES effect everyone is we are polluting ocean and streams a well as our own bodies with the hard form of plant life, poly anything – and our mattresses, clothing, so much we touch on a daily basis, is PLASTIC, all byproducts of fossil fuels! Need to get away from this yesterday!

Tho the Style Section of the SF Chron. featured Jemima Kiss’s geat Turning the Tide: Drowning in a Sea of Plastic, article Sun. Aug. 5th, I could only find her slightly earlier article, from Aug. 2nd online at this point.
Both list #plasticfree as a main source of info.

I realize this goes WAY beyond changing your lightbulbs! You may just have to change your LIFE! Jemima Kiss, a young whipper=snapper at the Chron., is in the flow, reaching out through tweets and her columns to people around the globe and close to home. You GO woman!

And here are a few more sources from the article not yet available online:

#Plasticfee resources – kitchen – $$$ plastic free utensils – 100 tips from Oakland – one stip further than plastic free – on a budget – charity to move you to action
The Surfrider Foundation – beach clean ups in SF
Balloons Blow – rethink your party
Less Plastic – UK-based

Happy Plastic Free Life? One reuseable bag at a time (instead of those floaty things at the store).

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