RiseforClimate! So many groups going Sat. Sept. 8th – I’m not even going to list!
We’re on the bus, the 350.org bus, get tickets!!! North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP) also running buses so check w. either for your seat – leaving Petaluma around 10:20am from Lakeville Park & Ride.

Glad both 350.org and NBOP are offering buses because this will be HUGE in SF before the HUGE rallies coming with Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) Sept. 12-14. Still looking at lists of all the related activities to choose a few (can’t do them all!)

RiseforClimate is a coalition to say simply KEEP IT IN THE GROUND, referring, of course, to FOSSIL FUELS and I’ve sent 8 Greenpeace postcards to Jerry Brown to share (must also write longhand passionate letters to Jerry B called for by Bill McKibben but want to know these actually get through). A long emergency – rest of our lifetimes? Even longer…

This week, I watched/listened in horror to Noam Chomsky talking about nuclear threat and THEN climate crisis, something we can stand against is continued use of fossil fuels.
As Bill McKibben stated in in Oakland recently, Jerry Brown is uniquely situated to say no to the fossil fuel industry, as he has no skin in the next election – so he CAN say
KEEP IT IN THE GROUND…tho I notice GCAS focuses on 5 areas, not only fossil fuels, income inequality among those.

RiseforClimate and GCAS look to be playing a Good Cop Bad Cop scenario – one presents, the other says intensify your ask: demand we stop the charge toward the end of times and REVERSE GLOBAL WARMING.

So terribly much work to do for that to happen! But there are always steps to take and a great many are outlined in Paul Hawken’s DRAWDOWN and its corollary materials. Here in Petaluma at Oasis Farm, we will present a DRAWDOWN/Pachamama symposium on Sat. Oct. 6th
to bring a lot of our friends around to be active workers in this fight of fights – a fight, albeit, for a peaceful future we can share? Seems hand in hand with work for peace.
You can’t live in peace in a world at war with itself!

Please join us in SF at Civic Center noonish, Sat. Sept. 8th – and I’ll keep writing about collorary activities and how all this morphs into future momentum toward support for the Paris Agreements among nations (CAN we ever get the US to support this global good work?!?) Such terrible, such good times. Art and people arise to stand against global warming, nuclear threat and all the income inequality present and coming along in the future. Hope to CU there!!!

For WAY more info:

Further info at DRAWDOWN.org and

RISE for Climate Justice March

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