RiseforClimate, Sat. 9/8’s SF rally calling on global leaders to deepen their committment to renewable energy, jobs and justice, to the Paris climate Agreement,(Save the Planet!), preceded the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) Sept. 12-14 on purpose. The focus on 100% renewable energy was muted a bit by so very many other issues, which I found delightful. “Together we Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice…to demand our elected leaders commit to no new fossil guels and a just and fair transition to 100% renewable energy,” was the call from their site.

A quick look at the GCAS site will bring you to a very detailed list of events in SF and all over the area – and how you can stream them if you can’t attend in person! (More on that).

RiseforClimate was huge, warm, colorful, composed of maybe 30,000 good people of all ages followed by a full-on battery of information tables to engage us at Civic Center Plaza, SF. Was pleased at the variety and calm and dedication of the people at myriad tables with multi-stacks of relevant publications. Brought back handfuls of fliers and a few booklets and wrote up the contact info. to begin to make sense of all this hubbub so I can decipher which events to plug into, which to actually attend, which to write to you about!

So friendly! We road aboard a Petaluma bus chartered by a friend, Bruce Hagen, Citizens Climate Lobby, bus organizer, alternative architecture design guy, Pete Gang, and the person who checked us off the bus list was Annie Stewart, 350 Bay Area, a drummer and participant at our Oasis Farm barn in the SoulCircle equinox and solstice event(s). We are all one? Well, we’re with smart people – deeply satisfying when we march together…yes.

Fresh start to a long haul: reversing global warming, if we work extra hard, stay informed and keep our wits and allies close. Help Jerry Brown be the good guy we’ve always felt was routing for us. Noted Laura Neish, Santa Rosa, and ED, 350 Bay Area, left her cell as contact for bus riders.

At SF Civic Center, found myself standing in front of the famous attorney/activist, Daniel Sheehan, unable to talk with him because I was on information overload. I paid my $25 for a red tee with painted feathers honoring the Lakota Souix heros at Standing Rock and said I’d read his stuff later. Author, The People’s Advocate, pubished by the Romero Institute, he’s known as “the people’s lawyer,” representing Water Protectors facing years in jail because they fought against construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline planned to run through the territory of the Lakota Soiux Nation.

RiseforClimate ran 4 buses from the North Bay – ours scheduled by Bruce Hagen of Citizens Climate Lobby, which meets monthly in Santa Rosa and proposes Carbon Tax and Dividends, and is presenting a session IN THE GLOBAL CLIMATE ACTION SUMMIT this Thursday! Pete Gang Petaluma green design artchitect was our bus organizer, and Annie Steward, who drums with friends and attended our last SoulCircle at Oasis – checked us off as “here”. She works closely with Laura Neish, a new fem hero, and ED of 350 Bay Area, meeting at Peace and Justice Center monthly. Surrounded by good people from Our County…sweet!

So traveling among marvelous friends with the great friendly bear, Duane Bellinger, who helps me know what direction I’m walking in and stops at tables in City Hall plaza to talk about German history and I asked “Why is this pamplet on the Russian Revolution important” and the guy responded “largest worker initated revolution in history.” So now we’re discussing why that’s important while seeking a new direction and foothold for a new society, so needed in the face of tragic injustices here and (most) everywhere.

RiseforClimate, overall, a gorgeous sunny day with enough smoke to remind us why we were all there. Now to build momentum for future climate actions – and support for the Paris Agreements. One marcher said “we were just in Paris and told people we are from California rather than from the US.” Californians are better accepted. Wow, what a long way we’ve come from the US I used think we knew!

The presence of socialists of all degrees was fascinating to me: so many solid workers for improving our human condition and connections so that we may all Live As One, and, come to think of it, just plain continue living at all on this planet on fire, literally!

Governor Brown and the State of California invite you to participate in the Global Climate Action Summit. Visit https://globalclimateactionsummit.org for more information on how you can participate as a citizen, government, non-governmental organization, business leader, volunteer!

So I’ve been looking through all the ways to participate and chosing a few. Hang out with Bill McKibben in Berkeley! Listen to Citizen’s Climate Lobby at the Summit Thurs.
Go nuts in a whole bunch of protests outside the buildings – but you can’t be outside all the buildings involved!

You can be an armchair activist with Sierra Club:

The Sierra Club’s #ReadyFor100 campaign is teaming up with Seventh Generation to host “Generation Ready: Real Stories from Leaders Committed to Clean Energy,” a live storytelling event on Thursday, September 13 at 7pm PST featuring mayors, community and youth activists, public officials, and faith leaders who are driving the transition to 100% clean energy for all.

RSVP for Thursday’s livestream of an evening of storytelling and inspiration from changemakers as they share their journeys in helping their communities move to 100% clean energy.

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