Am grateful everyday at some point, knowing we have become Sonoma County Pachamama Alliance. We get the chance to challenge ourselves and do likely the best work of our lives to help reverse global warming with the support of Pachamama Alliance, SF and globally, as it saves a huge swath of the rainforest in Ecuador from oil rigs and ruination of the pristine forests which many call our lungs AND runs a DRAWDOWN (solutions to reverse global warming) project among others. Pachamama (which means spirit of the living earth like Gaia) got started by uniting 8 tribes to ward off oil companies in their forest – and the tribes had been at war for centuries!

So, in the midst of, well, you know, unending crises, real and not, sanity reigns when you enter the Presidio portals of Pachamama Alliance. Sweet, smart people doing serious good work with us in a beautiful setting, the Thoreau Center for Sustainability. Speakers this month were Amanda Joy Ravenhill, a creator of the DRAWDOWN materials and movement and now CEO of Buckminster Fuller Institute, and David Jaber, author, Our Historic Moment, and a DRAWDOWN fellow. THESE TWO YOUNG PEOPLE HELPED CARVE OUT THE INCREDIBLE WORK THAT IS DRAWDOWN: The The Most Complrehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming.

Amazing video was part of the presentation; the known universe, lit, is astounding and viewing it is a bit like seeing Earth from the Moon – humbling. The presentaton brought us to basic Buckminster Fuller concepts: we must move from the ME to the WE; and, biggest impact, We have a choice: Business as usual = collapse of the world as we know it, or work harder than ever before and reverse the calamity before it cannot be reversed. You choose! Wisely we hope!

Amanda, a close colleage and friend of Paul Hawken, helped create DRAWDOWN along with her co-speaker, David Jaber, and she also lectures on mindfulness, soil regeneration and the principles of Buckminster Fuller, which, amazingly, line up perfectly with what we need to heal ourselves and the planet.

Absolutely loved the presentation!
Our Historic Moment: Hatching Into The Regenerative Future: a discussion on visions of an ecologically abundant and radically inclusive future. The conversation will focus on the ends and the means of how we can get there. Using examples from Jaber’s book, Our Historic Moment and their joint work on Drawdown with the added perspective of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, bacially, how humanity can return to being a beneficial species on our living planet!

Loved Amanda’s friends! Hopefully. we’ll see some of them in our town at some point for a SoulCircle dance in our barn; meanwhile, I’m absorbed by Amanda’s S.P.I.N.E. scenario:
S. Systems Literacy: It’about systems and complexity and flows of local and global ecosystems
P. Passion Project: Choose a solution that brings you to life and start a side hustle that supports larger community/the world
I. Investments: How are you voting with your dollars? Where does your money sleep at night? Change your bank and spending habits.
N.News: Saturate yourself in the media of the future you want to create. Become part of the media through twitter and op-eds.
E. Employment: How can you support planetary regeneration with the 80,000 hours of your career? How can you do more with your current job?

Am greatly looking forward to growing our relationship with Pachamama, and in Sonoma County, bringing the DRAWDOWN workshops to each city so that more people will know more and make better choices to help move toward regeneration – and we can add wonder and humor to the mix!
Next up: Introduction to DRAWDOWN at Arlene Frances Center, Santa Rosa, Thurs. May 9, 6-9p.

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