In a unanamous YES vote, Petaluma City Council agreed to a Resolution to Declare Climate Emergency, joining our neighbors in Oakland, Alameda, Richmond, Santa Cruz, Hoboken, London, Melbourne, way more cities…to take up the work of reversing global warming with justice (at least we’ll give it the old college try!!!)

Grateful to be at City Hall this fine night – our friends in the audience wearing green and blue arm sashes – and our friends on the dias ready willing and able to hear the call! It’s about time: the UN yesterday told us we’re losing species way faster than anticipated: 1 million species are currently at risk – and if you read what’s known carefully, you understand that without devotion to cleaning up our mess, dear reader, WE are also at risk of extinction.

Sorry to say, we truly are in an emergency.  My partner, Wayne, and I have followed the writing and actions of Bill McKibben, founder,, since his 1989 book The End of Nature, warning of global warming, and his new tome, Falter, is scary enough to get you working on climate actions – and the cultural change from a framework of alienation and fear to what Marianne Williamson, now running for President, calls The Politics of Love in her book of the same name. McKibben asks: “Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out? …Even as climate change shrinks the space where our civilization can exist, new technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics threaten to bleach away the variety of human experience.” Just bought that book, too.

So with this fire-breathing dragon at our gates, was great to be amidst the good people of Petaluma last night – democracy can be uplifting!  Have to say I’m pleased with myself: I was the one who grabbed the mic at the Petaluma City Council Goal Setting Session and blurted “I expect you’re all going to vote for a Resolution to Declare Climate Emergency…”  What a rush! To actually be able to contribute to moving toward a regenerative world with a heightened degree of loving kindness, the two going hand in hand.

For that’s what else I hear in this: the science is indisputable; The Debate is Over; now to face the future with whole systems thinking, with our hearts engaged. Following Marianne Williamson as she talks up Politics with Love, Jon Foley, ED, DRAWDOWN, who tells us we need to take these 100 solutions to global warming to billions of people, having now reached millions, with The Sunrise Movement, Extinction Rebellion, Climate Mobilization, and more local groups, Daily Acts, Center for Climate Protection, North Bay Organizing Project, Citizens Climate Lobby, Democratic Socialists of America –  calling on people of all ages, all ethnic backgrounds, all beliefs, to become allies so that we can live a healthy life together.

As Sonoma County Pachamama Alliance, we’re bringing the 100 solutions to global warming to each city in Sonoma County and glad to do that. Hoping, also, to see each city in turn adopt a Resolution to Declare Climate Emergency and then follow through with solid good work that can take us where we desperately need to go.

Sonoma County Pachamama Alliance is taking the DRAWDOW Introduction to Arlene Frances Center,  99 6th Street, Santa Rosa, THURS. MAY 9th, 6-9pm; free: donations appreciated.  Join us, make new friends and get active.  Build links with engaged local climate activists at this event.

Noted when Rebecca Solnit talked at Copperfields about Paradise Made in Hell, one of her books, that in the midst of great trauma, wonderful new projects emerge. We’re seeing that happen! Marvelous to be in the flow of it with good friends old and new and, dare I say, with hope.

Love that these videos have emerged just now:

Marianne Williamson

Jon Foley on DRAWDOWN 2.0 or at

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex Our World 10 years after passing the GND  (The World as It Can Be 10 years after adopting the Green New Deal).

Enjoy!  The spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the birdies is? A nonsense verse I love.  Glad to see so many birds flitting about our farm – and hope we can help restore the butterfly and bee populations here, help slow human population growth till it reaches replacement, help heal land and sea – and our hearts.


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