The first ever Green New Deal Town Hall in our county (GND having just completed a country-wide tour) brought dedicated young Sunrise Movement people before maybe 500 of us, energizing, giving the future a lift.  And our local good guys and gals from Farmers Guild, Jobs with Justice, North Bay Organizing Project, Daily Acts/Sonoma Climate Action Plan with RPCA and more, offered videos and conversation about amazing work underway.

Glad to see Daisy Pistey-Lyhne, ED, Sonoma County Conservation Action (SCCA), now in its 28th year of holding electeds accountable while honoring and opening up spaces to the public and more. Used to was when running an election in Petaluma, was possible to creating a brochure with SCCA and, with everyone’s approval, they’d distribute to their then 3,000 Petaluma members!  And many learned a thing or two by canvassing with SCCA door to door throughout the county.  Enough income to barely live on!  And some have done so for years.  Good group always as are each of those gathered at the Fairgrounds.

At the Town Hall, Sierra Club and League of Women Voters melded with Eco2Schools, a project of Center for Climate Protection, Climate Emergency and Sonoma County Climate Challenge, a blend of Daily Acts and RCPA and Russian Riverkeepers and more while we walked around with our Pachamama Allance DRAWDOWN cards, offering workshops to each city from Paul Hawken giving 100 ways to reverse global warming – hope plus hard work so it’s still GAME ON not GAME OVER as we say at the end of each DRAWDOWN workshop.

So we merged; we sang with the great voices of 350’s Youth vs. Apocalypse; we clapped; we joined up with people in each city supporting Cities Declaring Climate Emergency with Pete Gang in the lead. City by city; what we’re supporting as Sonoma County Pachamama Alliance bringing the DRAWDOWN workshops to each city to inform, engage, enroll more people in the uphill climb toward Climate Justice…the two words now emblazened in my head.  Climate Justice.  We all deserve a healthy planet and culture but its a steep climb from here!  Do the Democratic Socialist countries with health care for all, housing for all, higher taxes have something to teach us? Yes, indeed!

Was pleased with Jared Huffman’s video, since our Congressman couldn’t leave a vote in D.C. – bold,  he’s pledged support for GND and is introducing solid good legislation to support climate actions.  Also great to hear Citizens Climate Lobby has new legislation in Congress with bi-partisan support.  COULD GET VOTED IN!  Congressman Mike Thompson also sent a video to tell us of his support for GND.

From the FB page of Kerry Fugett, Director, The Leadership Institute, now part of Daily Acts: “Thank you to all the organizers, speakers and rock-star youth who led the conversation at the Green New Deal Town Hall on Wednesday, it was a packed event! Loved the enthusiasm for the newly launched’ll take ALL of us to hit our goal to reduce our emissions by 500 tons of CO2 by the end of this year. Feeling energized by the growing momentum and support for a just transition to address climate change. We’re just getting started #ClimateChallenge#GreenNewDeal #ClimateJustice






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