For the Global Youth Strike WEEK starting this Fri. noon, we’re tabling for DRAWDOWN workshops (presenting 80 projects that reverse global warming), @ Old Courthouse Square, 500 4th St. Santa Rosa, but we coulda stayed closer to home for this march and rally as I found MULTI strike’s listed in our area #Strikewithus   – 2 Berkeley sites, Oakland, Novato, Richmond, San Rafael, San Francisco (of course!), AND Petaluma (go to Library, march to City Hall) and way more…can’t even count how many cities will host a strike! Check the hashtag for more!

Really can’t tell what happens next (exciting suspense!) but since Sunrise says they’re after “moral disruption till we get the Green New Deal” this could take YEARS starting here Friday.  Our fearless Swedish leader, Greta Thunberg, 16, started the whole Fridays for Future thing last year, spoke before the U.N. (and will again next week) and got                 1.6 MILLION kids on the streets March 15th. This time?  Expect 5 million? No way to tell.

Yesterday’s mail included TIME magazine Climate issue, Bill McKibben’s 2050: HOW EARTH SURVIVED calls the upcoming generation the Greta Generation!  Read the article at This may be a big deal: GREAT AUDIENCE!

Trouble is we have only about 10 years to reverse course in multi basic human activities:

  • refrigerant pollution (AC should be shared and/or changed so it doesn’t leak freon)
  • public transit (center of cities should be auto free, shared bikes, shared electric cars)
  • housing: climate crisis creates homelessness for possibly billions – how to house people?
  • educating girls and providing family planning (families are way smaller when girls can get jobs)
  • sequestering carbon worldwide (protect forests; plant more; protect wetlands; create more…)
  • Back away from a consumer culture that wastes umpteen resources
  • Provide basic human rights, food, water, housing, safety for as many humans as possible! MORE…

This recently from Sunrise, San Francisco., youth supporters of the Green New Deal:

Here’s a quick recap of what we covered, with all the links for how to plug in below!

  1. We celebrated some recent wins! Actions at DNC meetings, holding the West Regional Summit, and seeing 7 hours of climate crisis conversation in the CNN Climate Town Hall
  2. We grounded in our long-term strategy of building to mass noncooperation to win a just transition and a livable future
  3. We dove into the upcoming Climate Strike activities including how to turn out with friends, family, and coworkers and how to get trained and show up alongside local partners to make a huge impact during this global week of action

Strike With Us – How to Join the Climate Strike September 20 – 27

There are so many opportunities to get involved during the Climate Strike week! We hope that EVERYONE will sign up to be a strike captain and recruit 10+ friends to strike with them on September 20th and come to the Resiliency Village in San Francisco. If you have more time to give, we also need your help planning, getting trained, and showing up for events throughout the next week.

9/20- Climate Strike & Resiliency Village

The March: Sunrise Bay Area is supporting our friends in Youth Vs Apocalypse for the Climate Strike march on 9/20. See all the details here. If you’re a Sunriser over 18, you’re encouraged to sign up to be a marshal or chaperone – more details and sign up here.

Resiliency Village: The Climate Strike March will end at the Embarcadero, where there will be a beautiful Resiliency Village set up. RSVP on Facebook. If you can help with the Resiliency Village fill out this form.

9/25 – Montgomery Street Murals

Market and Montgomery, 7am – 5pm. Join Climate Justice SF to create a beautiful display of commitment to Mother Earth and all the generations to come.

9/27 Strike at Chevron’s Headquarters in San Ramon

Join youth and allies to protest Chevron, one of the world’s biggest polluters headquartered here in the Bay Area. See more details on Facebook.

This Week – Many great training opportunities from our partner organization Diablo Rising Tide. Non Violent Direct Action (NVDA), Legal Observer, and Know Your Rights training information is available on their website. We especially encourage Sunrisers to get trained as Legal Observers, a no-risk but high value role for the movement!

P.S. A Few Other Opportunities


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