Bioneers, the cheering section for climate activists!  We’re going for three days.  So glad to be able to hear and maybe ask a question of Paul Hawken after we’ve presented his DRAWDOWN workshops (projects that reverse global warming) around Sonoma County, and for Bill McKibben, author, founder, 350.0rg, whose book, The End of Nature (1989) spelled a new and chilling way of viewing our human-engineered future.

So glad we read McKibben’s Falter, Radio Free Vermont, Eaarth and other books and articles  AND heard him speak before protesting crowds in Richmond at the Chevron plant, in Oakland where an earthquake hit as he spoke, and at the Bioneers Conference where he told me at the book-signing table that farming was the best thing we could do (when I mentioned we’re starting an organic farm).  So much to learn from just these two guys and the schedule is packed with visionaries. Always an upbeat note; always the harsh truth about climate crisis – and his is currently present in EVERY country in the world except North Korea.  Going global!

Bioneers, at the remarkable Frank Lloyd Wright Marin Civic Center, features brilliant caring humans well-known and new to us who hold stunning, useful knowledge about how we can move toward a more humane, resilient future.  Amazing lady from Google Earth last year who saved multi-acreage near Santa Cruz for wetlands using Google Maps at her foundation.  Funding, brilliant ideas, great tools!  And what a treat to write a sci-fi story on the spot with Climbing Poetree!  Wow!  Will never forget coming up with the idea the rainforest could teach a healing song that would melt aggression when military showed up to cut down the Amazon forests (scenario: 100 years in the future, how can we be healed)?

Here’s the skinny on what Bioneers has to say about this 30th iteration:

For our 30th conference, “Seeding the Field: Growing Transformative Solutions,” we’ve assembled a visionary program reflecting decades of transformative solutions and trail-blazing pathways that this growing community has so brilliantly developed.

An idea whose time has come is unstoppable. Please join with us to help realize 30 years of transformative solutions and make the Revolution from the Heart of Nature and the Human Heart. October 18-20, San Rafael, CA.

And if you can’t get there, check out the long long list of podcasts, books, history of this essential organization……you’ll have a bigger, more hopeful view of present work and a liveable future with good jobs (hey, just like the Green New Deal!)



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