So we couldn’t miss Bernie Sanders in Richmond – our choice, someone who could save our planet possibly with our help! It’s up to US! (the title for upcoming Sonoma County Activist Summit Mar. 15th, Longfellows Hall, Santa Rosa. We do this together or it we don’t do it.

What a crowd! Pleasant, of course, tho we’d been told we couldn’t take any food or beverage into the hall and lines were crushingly long.  People gobbling sandwiches and cookies before they got taken away.  Nachos and chai tea inside.  Hot dogs, too.

We arrived early with our friend, Alexa Forrester, a philosophy teacher at SRJC and very active in climate justice actions.  An organizer.  Much enjoyed her family and the Sunrise kids, parents and little ones. Ablaze with energy!

The crowd was huge, thousands for sure!  Lines stretching blocks and looped around. Upbeat; hopeful; a bit skeptical – if Bernie WINS, what will the powers that be let him actually accomplish?  Recall Obama being shut down over and over. And Bill Clinton, come to remember.

So there was this tenous joy – like MAYBE Christmas will come or MAYBE your Mom forgot?  Wanted to go away happy, with clear work ahead. OK; go to the Bernie info on FB or a website?  We know what has to happen – daily appeals for $$$ and support.  This blog.

Seems we can’t do enough to turn this sinking ship around with speed and scale.  Prob. we work our tails off a few years and the corporations pick up the pieces and claim victory for capitalism?  Hope no.  Hope is we actually reverse some of the damage done – income inequality a biggie – HOW to have a just and kind culture when so many are left behind?

Happy with Gavin Newsom’s wholehearted push to end homelessness. He does have vision and power behind his vision, tho D.C. is trying to wipe out every area of California power. EX: Jared Huffman is happy with our local fisheries (which he represents) so Trump is taking water from them to send to the Central Valley.  OUCH! And what can ACTUALLY be done for the mounting crowd without a roof?  Maybe just maybe reverse the terrible troubles that began when Reagan closed the mental health facilities – but they, too, must be humane!
Don’t want to warehouse humans – just offer real help where possible.

Back to the Roar of the Crowd!  That day, those hours near the Rosie the Rivetor Museum, were inspiring – and exhausting!  The sound alone at the end of the rally was IMMENSE and I found myself tired for two days afterward.  Imagine a 49ers game is as loud – and people pay huge sums to commercialize that sport.  Politics?  It’s still a big money game – but at least there are those who want money out of politics so it can be, still, again, maybe for the first time? Government of the people for the people by the people.  Love my new bumper sticker from American Friends Service Committee: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR #NO EXCEPTIONS.




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