A Just Transition
HOW is a Better World Possible?

There is great interest in outcomes of COP26, the UN Summit in Glasgow, Scotland Nov. 1-10. With climate ever more in crisis, we need ACTION now. HOW can that happen?

End fossil fuel use. Impossible? Kim Stanley Robinson, author, Ministry for the Future, will speak to the assembly, calling for compensation to fossil fuel companies to keep billions of dollars of oil in the ground.

Robinson tells gas companies to “stop sucking oil; suck water” out from under glaciers so they secure again to rock, slowing ice melt greatly, thus preventing or slowing the demise of the Gulf Stream that would render Western Europe all Iceland. A nearly possible science fix.

Robinson points to breaking climate feedback loops threatening utter disaster, overcome if we put our minds and serious money to the task! And this before COP26, the 26th time the U.N. attempted a fix. As Paul Hawken said in a recent Instagram post, “What good is money on a dead planet?”

Now add Just Transition to the call, and much changes! Whole cultures turned inside out and smart people scrambling to do this Great Turning without war or extremes of violence. Learn to be an anti-racist in an intimate pool of humans. Love Thy Neighbor, No Exceptions says an AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) bumper sticker.

Switch up your mind! Many at COP26 will have read Robinson’s prescient Ministry for the Future; add Paul Hawken’s Regeneration: Ending Climate Crisis in One Generation and hope abounds.

Marvelous nature-based solutions are found in Hawken’s Regeneration: Ending Climate Crisis in One Generation and his Instagram feed is a daily inspiration.

With 7.9 billion on the planet, we must wake up, smell the gasoline and move to electric cars, buses, airplanes, homes. A rebalance with nature, She Who Knows Best.

Youth activists, Sunrise Movement, Extinction Rebellion and many more are fighting for a livable future while mentor-in-chief, Bill McKibben is now devoted to getting adults active.

How can YOU help tell friends far and wide to wake up and
Shift to deep adaptation before floods, fires and fear engulf us?

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