Teaching Tolerance! Perfect timing…

So, possibly like you, I've been agast at the nasty tone of "our" Presidential election conversation - agast at police who shoot the unarmed, agast at outlandish racist representation of minorities, agast at the inhumane treatment of people the globe over toward men, women and children. Why can't we all [...]

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Building Bridges at Permaculture Convergence 2016

My partner, Wayne, and I attended North American Permaculture Convergence last Wed. - Sun. at Hopland's Solar Living Institute, a sort of paradise where you share mostly vegan food with a food ticket or potluck at the Community Kitchen, while working out solutions to climate and cultural challenges - a [...]

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Crackerjacks, the app

Change can be strange - with so much new, it wasn't so surprizing, yet felt WRONG finding a set of 3 beloved CLASSIC CRACKERJACK BOXES CONTAINING NOT A TOY BUT AN INVITE TO BLIPP THE BALLGAME. An app - no toy to figure out - get thee back to thy [...]

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Progressive Fest 2016: great gathering; challenges ahead…stronger together?

Yesterday's iteration of the Petaluma Progressive Festival was solid good stuff - classic Progressive Festival if you will. Way more people than last year and with the SF Mime Troupe. Very good to see hear them present what we all are witnessing in satiric rendition, their new story: Schooled. "Today, [...]

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Hope for the Helpless: Drs. Without Borders benefit Sunday

Was priviledged to be part of a classical music house concert in support of Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF: Doctors Without Borders) yesterday in Novato. Wonderful to be with such caring people and fine musicians! The cause is great: how to reach people, now in 70 countries, who cannot help themselves [...]

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7th Clean Energy Ministerial in SF Jun. 1-5: Hope Rises – Forum coverage today.

"We're on the cusp of a clean energy revolution," says the voice on Clean Energy Ministerial site. The biggest corporations used to be tobacco, alcohol, fossil fuels; now they are Google, Facebook, Apple and all have committed to 100% renewal energy asap. The global economic and energy landscape is indeed [...]

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Resilience 2016: Build A Rocket Stove Campground at Oasis Farm 5/7

Something very satisfying about sharing food outdoors - and our apricot and plum orchard is one very sweet spot to put in a campground...Friends of Oasis are invited Sat. May 7th 10a-6p to help create this year-round campground. Oasis Community Farm has participated in Daily Acts' Commuity Resilience Challenge*, once [...]

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Democracy Spring! Arrests continue in call to end $$$$ in politics.

"Hundred of People Were Just Arrested," proclaims today's headline from The Nation Magazine - while CNN, Fox News and other "major" media barely cover this amazing march, sit-in and civil disobedience on the Capitol steps. The 140-mile march from the Liberty Bell in Philadephia to Washington D.C. was undertaken by [...]

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Democracy Spring! March on Washington April 2nd – 12th!

Democracy - Is it still possible to rebuild America's democratic promise for the greater good of all? Over 100 progressive organizations are merging April 2nd in Philadelphia, and some marching the 140 miles to Washington D.C. with high hopes of accomplishment. Democracy Spring will be "Louder than words," says In [...]

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Help BAN carcinogenic pesticide…Glysophates Forum, 3/11, Seed Bank, 6pm FREE – register

You CAN have a voice in banning pesticides in SoCo that kill bees, harm small animals, are known as carcinogens by the EPA and World Health Organization (WHO). We're calling for a one-year ban to seriously stop this and check it out. Come to the Seed Bank, Wed. 3/11, 6om; [...]

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