So this serves as an intro – or reminder – that multi-thousands of optimists (or activists who just can’t let go of a positive outcome) will gather at SF Civic Center, noon on Sat. 9/8 to boost “Keep It In The Ground” – fossil fuels, that is, along with jobs and justice. You can still get a seat on a bus leaving from Park’N Ride, Lakeville. Check out tickets at HTTPS://MARINORSONOMARISEBUS.BROWNPAPERTICKETS.COM

While Jerry Brown is preparing his huge Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS, Sept. 12-14, SF) focusing on 5 areas, RiseforClimate focus is clean energy, jobs and justice – ending use of fossil fuels while creating clean energy jobs. Bill McKibben, founder,, says now is the time to write passionate letters to Jerry Brown to plead with him to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and give us a chance to begin reversing global warming. Whew! A lot to ask for – and we’re doing that! Check in with 350 Bay Area‘s ED, Laura Neish of Santa Rosa and you’ll learn a lot and get support for your own personal activism. AS Gloria Steinham recently said “Just do something!” Truly a time for making the preference for a liveable planet non-negotiable!

What exactly IS RiseforClimate? It’s the activist response to what is full on diplomatic push (GCAS organizers, headed by Gov.Jerry Brown, include a top UN official, China’s chief climate change negotiator, and reps from ) of the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) Sept. 12-14th in SF. Huge rallies are expected to begin and seemingly never end.

I’ll be on the bus with friends we made supporting small local farms. Now we know that “Carbon farming” or sucking carbon back INTO the soil is desireable and possibly large scale, could be a powerful force for reversing global warming!

Here’s what our Aqus Community is sharing now:

JOIN THE CLIMATE MARCH! – “Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice”, Saturday, September 8

JOIN THE CLIMATE MARCH! – “Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice”, Saturday, September 8
September 5 – September 8


A coalition of several hundred labor, faith, elder, indigenous peoples, frontline, health, social justice, environment/climate, and other groups is organizing a massive march in San Francisco on September 8.

The S.F. event is timed to capture the attention of world leaders attending Governor Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit in the city from Sept. 12 – 14. We’re demanding that our local leaders commit to building a fossil free world that puts people and justice before profits.


CARPOOL FOR THE CLIMATE! Avoid the drive and painful search for parking – Get on the Climate March Bus!
Buy a ticket for a chartered bus ride from Sonoma county to SF and back. Pickup in Petaluma Fairgrounds, E. Washington Street, as well as other locations in Sonoma and Marin Counties.

Tickets for the bus start at $10 – and it’s fun! Get your ticket here: HTTPS://MARINORSONOMARISEBUS.BROWNPAPERTICKETS.COM

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