We haven’t even taken a deep breath since our POTUS was impeached a second time, and I’m feeling more able to think!  Good thing; more work ahead than we’ve ever done!

Who can save us? Us…but let’s mentor loads of boys and girls to bring up the rear!

So I was again grateful to the Dalai Lama when he reminded us this week via YouTube w. Greta Thunberg “We think of our community as a small circle, but our community is the planet.” (paraphrased). He took great hope from the presence and commitment of Greta, who said loud and clear that our job now is to educate people, particularly about feedback loops, the climate crises where one loss brings a cascade of loss.  Scientists researching forests and the arctic offered bleak views and then hope that the feedback loops leading to ongoing devastation could possibly be broken, making way for return to a balance of nature.  Will take a whole hell of a lot of work!  So watch and support those indicated and let’s get started bridging the gaps in our culture that lead to civil unrest, chaos and violence.  Just put Dalia Lama and Greta in your YouTube search; brought to us by the Mind and Life Institute with more to come.

Hope came, too, from a tragic/hero true story about a boy in Malowi on Netflix: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. Terrible, wonderful film about kid who didn’t have the fee to go to school but wound up saving his community when there was no water and no food, learning from library books how to make a windmill to make electricity to pump water and with friends and his father’s treasured bicycle he DID it!   The horrid story of encrouching starvation is playing out now in far too many countries as we enter  “the greatest humanitarian crisis in human history,” according to the UN refugee agency (UNHCR).  The film, which feels tragic nearly throughout, is a great tale of wonder, for the young William was able to learn about electricity from library books and make a windmill to pump water to grow crops to feed his community with books, bicycle and parts from the dump.  The real William was appreciated after this, given a puppy (his dog died) and eventually he landed with acclaim at Dartmouth. 

We should seek out the young Williams and Janes of this world who dare to commit to feeding our communities, restoring natural balance and yes, saving the planet, and give them everything they need to succeed.



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